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Juan Marcos is not willing to give up on Ángela. Despite all the obstacles and the bodyguard’s reluctance to maintain a relationship with him, the businessman will approach her by surprise so that they stop hiding and shout to the world that they are in love. “Don’t get married,” she asks the young woman as she kisses her passionately.

In the next chapter of ‘Brave Heart’, the situation will get complicated when surprise them by kissing Pamela. Genesis’s bodyguard will not waste the moment and he will threaten Angela with revealing this secret to her husband. “So your game is to conquer the widower. Aren’t you ashamed? You are a married woman and it would be very ugly if your husband found out about this,” she will tell him.

On the other hand, Samantha will finally accept her father’s offer to become the new CEO of the companies of the family. “I think it’s best for everyone,” she will say. However, his motivations are very different and he will soon discover them to his father. “Being a businesswoman is an obligation, being a bodyguard is in my heart. I don’t do it for you. Don’t be cynical. How can you walk around as if nothing had happened?”, he tells her, aware that he had an affair with the Bernardo’s wife and that she ended up committing suicide.

Fernanda plans to kill Genesis

Genesis doesn’t know it, but having confessed to Fernanda what he really feels for her has provoked the anger of his father’s former schoolmate. Ready to execute her revenge and furious at the words of Juan Marcos’ daughter, she makes a terrible decision. “She told me that she didn’t love me and I’m not here to waste time with childish nonsense. She is a sinister girl a cursed girl who can alter my plans and I will not allow it. Besides, I already gave the order. Genesis just signed his death warrant.”

Fernanda plans to kill Genesis

Angela, suspicious again

Despite Juan Marcos’ insistence, Ángela is clear that their paths must separate once and for all. Oblivious to the fact that she is in the crosshairs of Fernanda, the bodyguard believes that the employer is responsible for everything that is happening to him and that he was the one who reported her to the police for Isabel’s murder, which is why he must return to the police station to testify. As she left the interrogation, Angela will have a disagreement with Juan Marcos again who will ask you to please get away from her once and for all.

Angela confronts Juan Marcos

The drug dealer is sentenced

On the other hand, after a tense trial, the drug trafficker who threatened the lives of Samantha and Willy and who was trying to put them on the ropes by accusing them of murder is finally convicted and sent to prison. After a few weeks of anguish, the couple is free again.

Willy and Samantha during the trial

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Angela’s life is in danger. The bodyguard doesn’t know it but her enemies continue to grow with her approach to Juan Marcos. And what she doesn’t imagine is that Pamela is not the most dangerous. Despite her threats, her life is in Fernanda’s hands. If her romance with the businessman continues, she and Luis have reached an agreement: they will continue together but underground. What will happen? If you want to find out what happens to the protagonist of ‘Brave Heart’, you can not miss your daily appointment. From Monday to Friday at 4:05 p.m., at Divinity.

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