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The tireless Nicky continues his plan to meet his father, whatever it takes. This time, a call to Matías to ask him for a huge favor could destroy the relationship with Loli from one moment to another. What is it about? Although we will have to wait for the broadcast of this afternoon’s chapter, the favor promises to turn Loli’s plans upside down. She is she had already settled the issue with Octavio and they seemed to have reached an understanding after multiple confrontations. However, the little one is not going to give up.

On the other hand, Octavio seems to have removed something with this paternity thing. An old album of photographs from his childhood leaves him visibly moved. In the photographs he appears accompanied only by a woman, which suggests that he has not had an easy childhood either. Will her heart soften and she will take the step of meeting Nicky?

Octavio surprises Loli with a striptease

Loli goes to a nightclub camouflaged. Sunglasses, hat and dressed in black from top to bottom, anyone would say that she wants to go unnoticed. What is she up to? We will soon discover that it is about the workplace of Octavio, Nicky’s father. This, disguised as a fox, begins his show before the astonished look of Loli. To the rhythm of the music, Octavio he unbuttons his shirt with one jerk and shows her his sculpted torso. Something that our protagonist cannot take her eyes off of.

However, the magic of the moment jumps into the air when Octavio removes the mask from his face and discovers who was waiting for him. “I asked you to leave me alone, what are you doing here?” he reproaches him. Loli, following her efforts, continues to insist that she meet little Nicky. The truth is that, after a series of reproaches and risqué, Loli and Octavio seem to they are not meant to be understood.

Loli, stunned by Octavio’s striptease

Rafael can no longer hide his jealousy

Before the Octavio’s unexpected visit to Global RadioRafael brings out his jealousy. Loli, who had rushed out of the club the night before, forgets her bag with important work documents. Despite moving heaven and earth to recover his personal belongings, he can’t find Octavio and gives up everything. However, from one moment to another he appears on the radio to return his bag. A gesture with which he tries to make peace with Loli and settle the paternity issue once and for all. Raphaelwho witnesses the reunion, She thinks that Loli has had something with Octavio and an attack of jealousy exposes her feelings.

Rafael, visibly jealous

Nicky visits his mother’s grave

Before going to school, the little boy decides to visit his mother at the cemetery. He needs to tell her everything that is happening with the search for his father, as well as his refusal to meet him. The boy, absolutely crestfallen at the idea of ​​having to wait until he comes of age, recalls a conversation he had with Mariana about his father. “Maybe I misbehaved with my dad and that’s why he doesn’t want to see me anymore.” Nicky’s only goal? See his father and not plan to stop until you get it. “I no longer want to be special mommy, I want to be like everyone. I love my dad.”

Nicky visits Mariana’s grave

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