The investigation into the incidents in Congress and the stone directed at the office of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner the day of the voting of the agreement with the IMF is object of dispute between the Federal Justice of Comodoro Py and the porteña. The courts of the City of Buenos Aires were in action, recorded this Tuesday five raids, cell phones, computers and notebooks seizedand announced two arrests of militants of the Teresa Rodríguez Movement (MTR), one of them already converted into preventive detention. But late in the afternoon the federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti decided to complain to his peer from CABA, Norbert Circus, to be inhibited and let her continue with the case. The magistrate maintains that the facts are part of a “broad hypothesis” that implies an attempt to affect the functioning of one of the powers of the State, the legislature, and that due to the analyzed footage there could have been “prior organized conduct”. In this file, at least eight people who threw stones were identified, although more are analyzed at the scene.

The video released by the vice president on Monday revealed two central facts about the attack: the assailants threw paint bombs at the window of her private office, which could be the way to pinpoint the target; CFK also emphasized that the City Police took about twenty minutes to intervene. She considered that it was an attack “that someone planned and ordered to execute”. The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, in the same line had indicated that the stones were “deliberate”. In the Buenos Aires government they believe that all those who threw stones are militants of the Teresa Rodriguez Movement (MTR). They consider that they are groups of agitators that usually cause disturbances and they focus responsibility on them. They also defend, as expected, the role of their police and explain the delay in which they had to go through the entire mobilization without repressing. And they emphasize that the national government has been objecting to the placement of fencing in the Plaza de Mayo and Congress for two years. In response to Security Minister Marcelo D’Alessandro, the administrative secretariat of the Senate “categorically denied that any of the authorities of this Chamber had communicated with officials of the government of the City of Buenos Aires to request that fences not be erected.”

Why are there two judicial investigations in different jurisdictions and now in dispute? Analyzed in detail, the causes find, in their respective approaches, certain correspondences with the political positions of CABA and the Nation. The first it aims to point to social activists but it would not point to the organization of the attack and it would not consider whether there was inaction by the police. The Federal Justice is looking for the authors of the attack but raises the hypothesis that a premeditated, organized and broader act with an intent to affect legislative activity.

The cause of Buenos Aires

In the City, the actions were initiated by the Flagrancia Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and were in charge of Judge Circo, who points to the crimes of aggravated attack against authority –for assaults on Buenos Aires police officers–, aggravated damage against elements of the patrimony of the City, obstruction of public roads and carrying of non-conventional weapons. To the first detainee, Oscar Ramon Santillan, for all these accusations, he was sentenced to preventive detention, as the prosecutor Mariano Camblong had requested. This Tuesday the Public Ministry emphatically spread the arrest of another person, a man of Venezuelan nationality named Jaru Alexander Rodriguez Carrero, also a member of the MTR, in the midst of a deployment of five raids in San Isidro, Esteban Echeverría, Libertad and Quilmes. There was a procedure at the headquarters of the MTR, an organization that, strictly speaking, has several fragmentations. I know They seized, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, three CPUs, an “all in one” computer, two notebooks, a hard drive, photos of Molotov cocktails, documentation with pamphlets, brochures of the organization and a list of those who attended the mobilization of the March 10 when the agreement with the IMF was discussed in Deputies. As well four other people were arrested, but it was for the alleged possession of 11 kilos of marijuana. Rodríguez Carrero will be investigated this Wednesday.

The federal case

The case in charge of Capuchetti began with a complaint from the Federal Police. The force prepares a summary based on images from street cameras in which eight people have been identified so far in the group that throws stones, although the participation of many others is being studied. The judge has not ordered any arrests at this time. There is an obvious connection with the Buenos Aires investigation. But this file points to the crimes of public intimidation and aggravated damage, which are those of federal jurisdiction. Something curious that happened was that the news of the arrest of Rodríguez Carrero was spread from the City as if it were linked to the attack on CFK. According to investigative sources, both he and Santillán Until now, they have not been linked to that fact, but to the injuries to police officers and some damage, for example, from a container. Capuchetti’s argument to claim the case from Judge Circo focuses on the fact that his hypothesis is more comprehensive and contemplates the attempt to affect the “correct functioning of one of the powers of the Nation” when Congress was in session. Based on the images analyzed so far, there could be, according to those close to the case, a “conduct organized prior to the consummation of the facts”. Another proposition of the magistrate is that the investigation cannot be divided and crimes that are under federal jurisdiction must prevail. Even regarding the attacks on Buenos Aires police officers, it should be considered that they were fulfilling functions related to what was happening in Congress. She also considered that homemade incendiary bombs were used, which concerns the Federal Justice.

In the City they say that they are not willing to part with the bulk of the investigations, with which a conflict is looming that may end up in the hands of the Supreme Court.


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