Weather in NRW: But no spring? Experts suddenly fear snow again

Weather: how does a storm occur?

Weather: how does a storm occur?

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Spring or no spring – that is the question.

The weather in NRW was almost spring-like in the last few weeks. But the apparent onset of spring was short-lived.

Because experts are now giving a sad prognosis for that weather off in March. Even in NRW snow could fall in the coming days.

Weather in NRW: But no spring? Experts fear “March winter”

Apparently the winter doesn’t want to give up yet. At night it remains cold to freezing with single-digit temperatures, but during the day it gets really warm with sometimes over 15 degrees. But that could change again now. There is now a winter forecast for NRW.

“March winter” is what the experts at “WetterOnline” call it. We have just experienced the hot phase at the end of February and beginning of March, but now winter is supposed to be back. That’s the norm for the month. And snowfall is not uncommon.

Weather in NRW: It was SO cold in March nine years ago

“The March winter is a common weather situation in Central Europe,” says press spokesman and meteorologist Björn Goldhausen. “This year he shows himself more from his tame side. Despite the cold nights, it is easy to bear the sunshine during the day. But it shouldn’t be that bad. “Sustainable March winter weather with snow down to the valleys is not in sight,” said the expert.


Temperatures for the next few days:

  • Saturday: 13 to 15 degrees during the day (seven at high altitudes), eight to three degrees at night (minus two)
  • Sunday: 14 to 17 degrees (eight) during the day, seven to four degrees (two) at night
  • Monday: 13 to 16 degrees (seven) during the day, six to three (zero) at night

Source: German Weather Service (DWD)


A look back at March 2013: The coldest March in the last hundred years. It was sometimes down to minus five degrees.

Weather in NRW: DAS blooms for us in March

According to “”, it should be comparatively cold in March with temperatures between three and ten degrees for the first calendar spring month. For NRW, experts expect 15 to 22 rainy days and even a few snowy days.


More reports from NRW:


However, things are looking very good for the next few days. With double-digit temperatures during the day and many hours of sunshine, spring fever comes up. But how long will that last? According to “”, the weather could change as early as the eleventh calendar week.

The German Weather Service in East Westphalia is already warning of frost on Saturday night. (mbo)

Weather spectacle in NRW

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