Alejandra arrived this Monday, March 14, ready to revolutionize the restaurant of ‘First Dates’. Her cover letter did not leave anyone indifferent to anyone: “I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to say I like playing sports… no! I really like eating,” he assured the camera, even going so far as to affirm that this was even his hobby, eating.

But the most striking thing about her presentation was not that, nor that she was Venezuelan, as highlighted Charles Sovereign, but his particular taste for men. “How would they conquer you tonight?“Asked the presenter shortly after meeting her, oblivious to the surprising answer he was about to receive from the young woman.

i like ugly“, she blurted out sure of herself, which made Sobera let out a loud laugh, even throwing herself on the bar counter. Her reaction was funny, but not the most curious, since Matías Roure would drop his glass in which he was serving the spinster, breaking on the floor.

Sobera, Marías and Alejandra, in ‘First Dates’. (Four)

“No one had said this,” Carlos managed to say between laughs., with the waiter adding an amused “very good, I like it, fantastic”. The jokes with this issue continued, especially from the presenter: “Tonight I flirt, there will be few people there who are uglier than me.” “The less graceful, the more I like them,” insisted Alejandra. “Can I break another glass?” asked Roure sarcastically, with Sobera giving her permission to break the entire tableware.

“Are you going to ask him if he considers himself ugly?” Carlos continued joking, with the three talking about how to deal with this issue with the bachelor, saying, how could it be otherwise, to ignore this issue in their first meeting. “I love that you like the ugly, that denatures beauty,” Carlos Sobera reflected just before Alejandro crossed the door of the restaurant. “After six years we are still surprised here, what a wonder“, valued the waiter, still surprised by Alejandra’s revelation.

Alexander, in ‘First Dates’. (Four)

The unknown now was to know if the program would match her with someone ugly or if, on the contrary, it would ignore her taste. Her response was offered by her as soon as she saw the bachelor: “I thought it was superb, I thought ‘but what’s wrong with you?’ She thought Alejandro was very handsome, and yet she liked her. Alejandra was completely upset.

Two singles face each other on ‘First Dates’ after their notorious sit-in days before: “I was afraid”

Nayin Costas

After a first contact, the two went to dinner to get to know each other better. Already at the table, each topic of conversation that they brought up seemed to distance them a little more: they did not share a taste for sports, nor for music, he ate very little and she is passionate about gastronomy… and despite everything, the two decided to give themselves a second chance, not without first confessing to him what had happened so that he would not find out on television.

Thus, Alejandra was honest with him, confessing that she had said that she liked them ugly, but that she still liked him. Alejandro did not know how to take it, freaking out at the explanations he was giving her, but she made him see that he was a compliment, since although he did not fit her tastes, he had conquered her. This is why both they left the ‘dating show’ hand in hand, willing to continue meeting outside from ‘First Dates’.


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