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In the midst of difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pierangeli Dodero decided to continue with its mission of providing healthy entertainment for the whole family on television. This is how “Extraordinary Children” was born, a program dedicated to reinforcing the education of the smallest of the house after two complicated years where they could not attend school.

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In interview with Trade, Mrs. Peru World 2019 also gave details of her experience in beauty contests and the lessons she learned after her participation; as well as the emotion that she experienced when she won the title of Miss Mundo Latina Internacional in 2003. She knows all the details.

Pierangeli, you take on a new challenge leading the “Extraordinary Children” program, what are your expectations?

It is definitely a challenge to drive “Extraordinary Children”. I come from a magazine that is “Pierangeli at home”, but I am happy with the reception of the children. I am just another girl on stage and I have definitely prepared myself for this leadership with theater classes, clown classes. For me it is a challenge, but happy. Until now we have already recorded the first three programs in March and the complicity with the children is quite a lot. On that side I am very happy.

How did the opportunity to be the host of the show come about?

Together with my producer, Víctor Sánchez, we created “Extraordinary Children”. We had this project for some time and we definitely wanted to bet on education in children, family content. Our line has always been family-oriented and we seek a quality program where children’s knowledge is rewarded and the line we follow is valued. Always targeting Peruvian families.

Pierangeli Dodero Senora Peru 2019 and the challenge of driving

On this occasion you have the opportunity to share with children, how has the experience been?

Really enriching. I learn a lot from them, she is also part of being a girl like them. The innocence, the unexpected answers, is the return to school that many tell me about. It is one more relationship of friends and accomplices at the time of questions. Always directing them. Grateful to the parents because they trust this project. All children leave with prizes, the purpose is for them to see that education is necessary. Definitively, for us, a cultured country is a developed country. We lack a lot in education, but we want to help children learn and see that studying, after all, is what will make them a better professional.

Your program seeks to reinforce all that knowledge of children that has perhaps been lost in the last two years due to the pandemic…

Correct. It is a reinforcement towards knowledge and above all to unite the family on television because it is something nice that they can sit together on Saturdays. Dads have written to me and they also share the game to see if they know the answers because it’s history, geography, music. It is a moment of sharing.

How did you experience the premiere of “Extraordinary Children” last Saturday?

We watched the entire production together. Really excited because I always say that the “Extraordinary Children” program is not Piangeli Dodero, but rather the whole team. I do have a responsibility to carry this dream of all my production and of the people who trust it and especially of the viewers who expect a quality program. So, we are excited, happy and grateful to the public that has been supporting us and always innovating program by program. The idea is that they are different, give them a nuance. Entertain the public.

It is not the first time that you host a television program, what is it that most attracts you to this format?

The closeness with the people, that the parents have that affection, that confidence that I can play and have fun with the children. The most enriching thing is that connection with people. Contact with people fills me very much and that they see me close; Not because I am a television figure they see me far away. That is why I am always in contact with people and for me that is what fulfills me as a person.

How have you been developing your other program “Pierangeli at home”?

Happy with the two projects on the air. “Pierangeli at home” is an interview format, but at the same time several brands have been betting on us, on the content, and it still continues thanks to Willax. They also opted for this second format of “Extraordinary Children” and with the best disposition to continue this year with both conductions.

1647400739 613 Pierangeli Dodero Senora Peru 2019 and the challenge of driving

Do you plan to work in any other format or program?

We have various projects with Víctor Sánchez. After a year and a half of “Pierangeli at home” it is that “Extraordinary children” is coming. We think about one project per year more or less; but always maintaining the line of healthy and family entertainment (…) We have a long time, we just premiered this program and we really have good proposals (for the future).

Speaking of your experience in beauty pageants, what did they teach you? What is the best lesson they left you?

The best lesson from beauty pageants is definitely that one must be prepared. I believe that not only one is going to compete, but that you must be clear about why you want to participate. The conviction with which you go, what you want to achieve. They have been support platforms. Thank God I have been able to and continue to do social work, which is the most important thing (for me). Beauty pageants have definitely opened doors for me to be a link between companies and communities that I want to support, such as Aymara women. I am at the negotiating table because of the languages ​​I speak and I can help you negotiate. It has been a platform for me to help the communities I work with.

Do you remember how was this last experience as Lady Peru 2019? You took the title of Mrs. Top Latina…

We were in China at the Señora Universo at the end of 2020. I was eighth of the 90 ladies in the world and with the title of Señora Latin America “Mrs. Top Latina” and definitely for me to be among the top ten was already an achievement, although I would have liked to bring the crown, but hey, God knows why he does things. I left the name of Peru high and above all with the conviction that I was prepared. Hence, coming to Peru and “Pierangeli at home” being born during the pandemic. There have been difficult times, but hey, there was this project and when you do things with love and passion, they turn out well (…) The contest was face-to-face, but the preparation and the seminars were virtual; although this allowed us to get closer to people who did not have access to attend in person. Maybe it closed some doors for us, but it opened others.

You have also had the title of Miss Mundo Latina Internacional in 2003, how did you experience that moment?

Being 19 years old, being in Canada and winning a world title was definitely not planned. I thought I was going for a walk so to speak, of course to compete but I didn’t think I would win. That opened many doors for me at just 19 years old and having other experiences abroad. I think that’s where the path of realizing that there were many more things to do and live began. Doors were opened that allowed me to see the platform to continue helping. (…) I think that was the beginning of everything I have achieved so far.

What is the message you leave to your followers?

“Extraordinary children” seek to unite Peruvian families and promote education in children by providing a quality program. We are definitely looking for all the extraordinary children of Peru, we want to meet them. We are going to tour the departments at some point looking for the children and rewarding knowledge.

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“Niños Extraordinaires” is broadcast every Saturday starting at 4 pm through the Willax Television signal.


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