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Pablo Díaz faced Chilean Egor Montecinos on Monday at the start of the ‘World of Pasapalabra’, the international competition organized by Chilevisión that over the next two months will face some of the best contestants from the editions of Spain, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina and, of course, Chile.

Both contestants reached the final rosco with practically the same time. Pablo had a total of 122 seconds compared to 127 seconds for his rival, however, the contestant from Tenerife began to have problems from the start. The presenter’s pronunciation (Julián Elfenbein) did not help at all when trying to solve the 25 definitions.

Pablo Díaz made four mistakes, despite using two of the wildcards of ‘El rosco’

For the first time in the history of the format, the Chilean chain has renewed the mechanics of ‘El rosco’ with the addition of three wildcards that the contestants will be able to use from the second round. ‘Lyric Replay’ offers contestants the chance to listen to a question again without the scoreboard running out of time; ‘Another chance’ allows you to launch an answer to check if it is correct or not before starting to play; while the ‘Letter exchange’ allows the contestants to take one of the letters of their rival’s donut, provided that the partner has ‘passed’ their answer or has not yet had the opportunity to listen.

Pablo Díaz and his rival, Egor Montecinos. (ECTV/Chilevision)

The Chilean contestant, winner of the last prize awarded in ‘Pasapalabra Chile’, He took the lead from Pablo and managed to finish the first round with 14 hits and not a single mistake. He was also the first to use the rereading wildcard, although the truth is that it was of no use to him. Pablo, on the other hand, only got nine words right in the first round.

Pablo Díaz, Spanish representative in the ‘World of Pasapalabra’. (ECTV/Chilevision)

The Spanish returned to use one of their old strategies, that of passing wordsdespite knowing the answer. Or that was the feeling many of the viewers had. The young contestant thus tried to make his rival trust him, however, it was probably not the best tactic used by the man from Tenerife. We must not forget that Egor, his rival, was playing at home and, therefore, with a certain psychological advantage.

Would you be able to solve Pablo Díaz’s donut in the ‘Pasapalabra World Cup’?

Xavier Migelez

Although the difficulty of both donuts was much lower than what we see every day in the Spanish edition, Pablo’s donut was much more convoluted than Egor’s. And there were not a few Chilean viewers who expressed it in social networks. Already in the second round, Pablo Díaz tried to close the gap, and even used two of the wildcards, but as soon as he started he failed at the letter ‘A’, when answering “literacy” when the program what he was looking for was “literacy”.

Defeat of Pablo Díaz in ‘Pasapalabra Chile’. (ECTV/Chilevision)

The chances of winning were diluted after failing also in the ‘L’, the ‘P’ and the ‘Z’. With no chance of winning, the contestant from Tenerife left the ‘S’ unanswered, which sought “fanaticism and intransigence in the defense of an idea or ideology” (Sectarianism). In the end, he got 20 questions right, but made 4 mistakes., being Egor Montecinos the winner of this first duel of the ‘Pasapalabra’ World Cup. Pablo Díaz was eliminated from the ‘World Cup’, so he will not be able to continue competing in ‘Pasapalabra’. This Tuesday the Chilean will face another magnificent contestant from Argentina.

Failures of Pablo Diaz

– A: Basic knowledge of reading and writing (Literacy)
– L: Surname of the president-elect of the thirty-third session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1978 (Liévano, Indalecio)
– P: Legislative chamber or assembly, national or regional (Parliament)
– Z: Minimal or very small portion of something (Pinch)


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