Cracks of the M5-RFP Strategic Committee would be in the dynamics of implementing ways and means to obtain the dismissal of Choguel Kokalla Maïga from his post within the June 5 Movement-Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP ). The ill-prepared blow would not have allowed them to achieve this objective. This is evidenced by the interview given when he left the meeting which lasted, according to him, 5 clock hours. It was this Friday, March 4, 2022, in the office of the former leader of the opposition.

Serenity seems an intruder in the big house of the June 5 Movement-Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP). And for good reason, since the appointment of Choguel Kokalla Maiga at the head of the current transition team, some aces have been sleeping with one eye open. Have expectations not been met? This is at least the question one asks when one knows that press releases, in the recent past, targeted the current Prime Minister, their comrade in the fight against the defunct IBK regime.

In a statement dated January 7, 2022, they castigated the management of Choguel Kokalla Maiga. They said that after 7 months of management, there are few visible clues to believe that the country is on the road to rebuilding.

The press releases not having been enough, the comrades of the M5-RFP of Choguel decided to take the next step. Their method sets the course for his dismissal. To do this, on Friday evening, an extraordinary meeting was organized in the presence of tenors whose voices count a lot. These are indeed those who were there during the reading of the 10 commandments of civil disobedience, in Independence Square.

The following items were on the agenda: the attempted dismissal of Choguel Kokalla Maïga, the evaluation of the 10 recommendations they brandished in the face of the colonels when Bah N’Daw and his Prime Minister, Moctar Ouane had a voice in the chapter. Among the items on the agenda, there was also the question of the opening of the government and the CNT. A way, for them, to look in the direction of the wind to know how to taste in the pot of political transition.

The game was therefore clear for them and some rebellious young people. It is only a question of weakening Choguel. Thus, when his voice will no longer carry, it will be easier for them to turn his page definitively in this country. The military, still looking for another prime minister and facing pressure from ECOWAS, will still leave them the latitude to appoint a new prime minister. The attempt would not have had a hard life. She was smothered in the cradle. Because finally, Choguel held the meeting with the main organizers.

After the 5 a.m. meeting, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Choguel made a statement on behalf of the M5-RFP. “What we did is what needs to be done in Africa. The leaders of the M5-RFP came to overturn the table and divide. I told them to sit down and chat. I listened to everyone. All Malians trust the government. The M5-RFP must also work to strengthen this confidence,” insisted Choguel, as he left the meeting.

It is, according to him, the trust between the people and the president of the transition, between the people and the National Transitional Council. The head of government calls for sacred union around the cause. “Let everyone join hands. For the management of the country, knowing well that the dirty laundry is washed in the family, instead of going to say certain things outside, “suggests Choguel who wants the solution to be found internally in harmony around the essentials .

In his opinion, it is a question of helping the president to restore Mali’s dignity and nobility by the end of the transition. This, he says, so that, on the day when the transition ends, there is the organization of a good presidential election in the secure country, endowed with major political and institutional reforms. So, Choguel says he is convinced that the new president who will be elected will work with the people.

The Prime Minister invites to take advantage of the transitional period. “Let’s not make the transition just an opportunity to organize elections. ECOWAS and we are in discussion. Everyone now knows their limit. Experts work together. We diversify things. May Malians know that Mali cannot leave ECOWAS. We told our activists,” he advises.

He did not hide the support of the people for the army. “Let the forces of change trust each other to support the army. Care must be taken that contradictions do not turn into antagonisms. We must never lose sight of the objectives. Keeping our hand in the storm, we will lead the Malian people to safety, the president of the transition at the head of our team, ”he ordered.

If political parties are experiencing divisions, trench warfare, the June 5 Movement-Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP) is also far from being a long calm river.

Bazoumana KANE

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