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They were already five to have left the adventure: Céline, Lili, Mattéo and Samira were eliminated while Franck had abandoned the game, to everyone’s surprise. After the fourth episode of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem broadcast on Tuesday March 15, 2022 on TF1, it’s Benjamin who was eliminated. The games were tight between the young 24-year-old accountant and the croupier Stéphanie. Another event on the board: Benjamin and Alexandra clashed in front of Denis Brogniart and the rest of the yellow team. In interview for Purepeople.comthe adventurer talks about this survival experience.

How did you experience your elimination?

Pretty cool way. I’m not the type to burst into tears in these moments. We can consider that ten days is short, I found them very intense and I did not come out with a taste of too little. I did not consider this adventure as a failure.

There was a second vote and then a draw, it’s unusual in the game…

I considered that fate would take matters into its own hands. At the time of the draw, I said to myself that the best thing for the team would be decided, whether it was Stephanie or me. I let things happen.

Why did you let Stephanie shoot the ball of her choice?

I could see that it was particularly close to his heart. And beyond that, I’m a lucky person. I had no problem letting her choose first. I’m a math person. So I knew it had no influence, it was a one in two chance anyway.

You hang out with Alexandra on the board. What happened ?

This clash had to happen. We both have opposite characters, we don’t get along. In everyday life, we would take the lead for sure. Because we are really poles apart in our way of thinking, of seeing the world. This is also the wealth of Koh Lanta, there is a real diversity. Alexandra and I had nothing to do. These profound differences separated us. We were together in the blue team and then again in the yellow team. For people who don’t like each other, we spent our life together, H24 for quite a long time. So we shouldn’t be surprised that there was this kind of headache either, it was inevitable.

He never does anything on the camp except open coconuts“, “He is not sporty or athletic“, “He’s lazy“… Do you understand the reproaches she makes to you?

These criticisms were not said in front of me. In front of me, she was the first to congratulate me for what I was doing on the camp, and she is not the only one. I was far from being the most inactive, I was even more active than her. This kind of criticism goes over me, it doesn’t make me hot or cold. I know very well what happened during the adventure. She was very happy that I was there. Afterwards, what she can say behind my back, in front of the camera, I don’t care. Everything I said on camera about him I could tell him without worry, I stick to this code of honor.

You say after the game she has”either a problem of honesty, or a real concern for understanding“. What do you think of this today?

I stand by my words. Viewers hear the rules once, but the reality is quite different: they are repeated to us several times, especially since we are very weak. Not understanding a rule repeated a certain number of times, one can legitimately ask questions about sincerity. Did she really not understand? It looks really, really big. Or maybe it’s a problem of honesty with herself. I’m not in his head, so I don’t know. Today, I am very precisely at the same point as in the episode.

Why do you think your classmates voted against you?

I was the defense weapon of the violets to prevent Stephanie from leaving. And then, I was in the lot of the least athletic people in everyday life. In the yellow team, we can consider that Setha, Stéphanie and I are not the greatest athletes and therefore logically put in the hot seat. But the games of Koh Lanta, it’s not just sports. I think I also had my card to play. I consider that I know a lot of events because I have watched them a lot.

What did you suffer the most from?

Hunger, digestive problems… Without hesitation!

What was your first gesture on the way back?

As soon as I got back, I ate a good big raclette! The doctor told me no, but I couldn’t resist. There are many excellent dishes but special dedication to raclette, there is no possible comparison. After an adventure like this, it would perk up anyone. I had digestive problems during the adventure, but not afterwards.

What has changed in your life since Koh Lanta ?

I measure the simple pleasures. It’s stupid, but I take the time to have a good meal when before I could eat a little something in twenty seconds, almost as if it were a chore. Now that will never happen to me again.

We have learned that you are involved in politics with EELV in La Baule, can you say more?

So it’s not exactly that. I participated in campaigns, not only with Europe Ecologie Les Verts. In fact, I was a substitute on a list for the municipal elections. I’m like everyone else, I have my way of seeing the world and my heart beats in one direction.

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