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Just a few days ago, he was searching his computer for a tutorial on how to make a “special table” in his home when he was discharged from the sanatorium. At the same time, he told Susana Cart, her partner for 45 years, that he had a theatrical project to share with her in June. And she kept sending pictures of her youngest granddaughter to all of her friends. That was Arturo Bonín, she never stopped. He thought, planned, generated, analyzed… That is why throughout his extensive work as an actor he made more than 50 films, more than 60 plays, and more than 40 television programs that made him a popular figure adored by the public. . His health played a trick on him for the past three months and he finally fell asleep today, surrounded by his wife and his children.

Through more than 60 years of experience, there were many roles that gave him fame and prestige. In the cinema it is worth remembering his leading role as Enzo Bordabehere, in the Argentine film Asesinato en el Senado de la Nación, where together with Pepe Soriano (who also played the national senator Lisandro de la Torre) they recreated the events that occurred during the presidency of Agustín P. Justo, which ended up leading to the unfortunate murder of Bordabehere. It also marked a before and after with his work in Otra historia de amor, the debut feature by Américo Ortiz de Zárate, the second national film that put the unbreakable emotional bond between two men in a central place. “In principle, what I do is question everything and then think. I think that in my career I chose things where there was a search, even though I had nothing to compare it to. When I was proposed to do Another Love Story, I had friends who had been living together for 15 years and I thought how could I not tell this story if it is something that happens. They were people who had to live their love in a marginal way, ”he commented to this newspaper.

Bonín loved to tell stories, tell stories and repeat anecdotes. Those stories filled desktops, afternoons of mates, breaks in recordings and theatrical previews. Perhaps that is why his role as narrator in I was a witness is so remembered, a television series broadcast between 1986 and 1989 whose theme in each episode was a real event that occurred in the country or the biography of a character with a public career, which It was developed by crossing journalism and fiction, with scripts by Ricardo Halac and Juan Carlos Cernadas Lamadrid.

Although he was born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, he lived his childhood and youth in Villa Ballester, north of Greater Buenos Aires, where his love for acting began. “He was studying food chemistry at an industrial facility in Floresta and, one day, my friend Rodi told me that at Comercial [Manuel Belgrano] from Villa Ballester, where I lived, they gave theater classes on Saturday afternoons. The only thing I asked was: And there are mines there? As he told me yes, that there were a lot, I went and lied: I said I was a student at that school and they believed me, ”he commented a few years ago in the Clarín newspaper. He always remembered that when he told his father that he wanted to be an actor, he urgently took him to the doctor to “cure” him. The professional calmed him down and suggested that he trust the kid’s vocation. In his youth he worked as a glazier, even when he was already engaged in independent theater.

He began his acting career on the independent theater circuit, even as part of the Teatro del Centro work cooperative, back in the 1970s. His first works include Show Watergate, Watergate’s diary, How much does iron ?, the first version of Waiting for the float, The little bourgeoisie and The moon in the cup, until in 1980 he was summoned to play his first role in a commercial theater, in the musical comedy Érase una vez Nélida Lobato (1980), in The National. This was followed by The New World, The Pyramid, Dear Dad (in the Open Theater cycle), and innumerable works in the field of commercial, official and independent theatre, among which stand out A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Six Pots and a Solo balcony, Happy New Year, Three nights in the Alvear, Salem witches, Murder among friends, Help, Peers and nines, Betrayal, Love letters, Hollywood… I want to be in your story, Someone will watch over me, Borkman, Questions with Ernesto Che Guevara, Divorce: a dangerous crossing, Until life do us part, About the doubt, El conventillo de la Paloma, Illia (one of his best works), Family code, Whitelocke, an English general, Hamelin , How life laughs, Cardenio, The dog on the moon, The fair woman, Seeing and not seeing; and one of his latest works, which earned him the ACE and Estrella de Mar awards: An instant without a god, by Daniel Dalmaroni, together with his great friend Nelson Rueda.

His face became familiar on the screen thanks to a cookie commercial that had such an impact that it led him to sit at Mirtha Legrand’s television table.

He continued doing many advertisements that lasted over time (another unforgettable one was that of a razor) until he fully entered television with leading roles in soap operas such as Romina Bianca, Mrs. Ordóñez, Gift from heaven and From the heart. She also embodied unforgettable characters in cycles like Rebelde Way, where she had an outstanding performance as the director of the fictitious educational establishment “Elite Way School”; Dulce amor, where she played the endearing neighborhood kiosk, father of the protagonist; High comedy, The older sister, Nine moons, Brava doll, The man, You always look for them, My love, Emerald necklace, The law of love, Stolen lives, Television for justice and many other fiction cycles. Her last works were in the strip La 1-5 / 18, where she played Father Ciro; and in the series La persuasión, on Public TV, where he shared the cast with his wife. In 1991 she received the Konex Award for her television work in the 1980s.


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