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An accident on the TF-5 took place just a few minutes ago, as reported by the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES) 1-1-2 of the Government of the Canary Islands. The accident on the TF-5 (Northern Tenerife motorway) was specifically located in the direction of Santa Cruz and as it passed through Tacoronte.

At this time, emergency resources have been activated and it is unknown if there are people affected by the accident on TF-5.

Drivers who must travel this road in the next few minutes are asked to drive with caution in the face of the accident on the TF-5.


According to General direction of traffic, when an emergency occurs, we cannot allow nerves or ignorance to prevent us from acting correctly, the minutes that elapse until the rescue services arrive are vital. It is very important to be prepared and know how to act in the event that you are involved in or witness a traffic accident.

The results of health care depend on the time it takes to reach the scene of the accident, minutes that make the difference between life and death. Early care by the appropriate health team, in addition to saving lives, reduces disabilities. That the victims are assisted by an emergency service that provides the necessary personnel at the scene of the accident (firefighters, police, health workers…) is essential to improve care times and quality.

PAS behavior (Protect, Alert, Help) is recognized and established internationally for any type of initial action in an emergency. It is defined as the first actions that will firstly aim to protect the scene, then alert the emergency services and, only after this and we have the appropriate knowledge, will we focus our attention on helping the injured person(s).

Rescue in traffic accidents

With the arrival of the necessary emergency services at the accident site (firefighters, policemen, health workers…) the PAS action ends. It is the turn of the professionals to attend, help and rescue the victims of the accident.

The Professional Association of Rescue in Traffic Accidents (APRAT) has developed the work procedure based on the latest techniques for rescuing victims in traffic accidents. The Unified Procedure for Rescue in Traffic Accidents establishes a coordinated and sequenced work system for rescue teams promoted by the World Rescue Organization (WRO) in a safe environment for victims and interveners, as well as elements of multidisciplinary coordination with professionals. health and safety.

This set of guidelines can be considered a fundamental tool for intervention and management in critical situations and offer citizens a unique, efficient and quality service in assistance to traffic accidents.

The basic rescue manual is aimed at emergency services personnel. It is available for download in the following section and it describes the unified rescue procedure in traffic accidents. The roadside assistance protocol is also available.

Avoid distractions behind the wheel

External factors

There are external factors that make it easier for the driver to lose his attention, for example: the roads that are very familiar to us or that are monotonous to us, because these make us lower our guard and not pay attention, excessive signage, situations that are foreign to traffic such as advertising, mobile phones or those related to driving such as accidents, in which we usually look to see what has happened.

internal factors

Among the personal circumstances of the driver we would have his own abilities, there are people who are more easily distracted than others. The state in which the driver is is a determining factor, if we are sleepy or feel fatigued it is more difficult for us to maintain attention. Alcohol, drugs and medications are also facilitating factors.

The physical condition of the driver is also of great importance, which can undergo changes while driving, especially when it is prolonged over time.


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