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The war russiaUkraine reached its 20th day. In the midst of the war situation, a Magnate recognized worldwide had no better idea than to challenge the Russian president, Vladimir Putinyet hand combat to hand. As if that were not enough, the proponent proposed the invaded country as prize. The Dauntless who sent the public petition to the Soviet leader is Elon Muskfounder of Tesla and SpaceX.

The billionaire broke into social media on Monday night, more precisely on Twitter, to propose a “hand-to-hand combat” where the winner would have Ukraine as a trophy. “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to (hand-to-hand) combat. The prize is Ukraine,” Musk wrote in mixed English and Russian. Although he did not clarify what the duel would be like, he did respond to his followers that he was “seriously.”

In addition, it was communicated in Russian directly to one of the official accounts of the Kremlin under the message: “Do you accept the fight?” However, he has not yet received any response from the Russian government. Although yes of a leader of Moscow, Ernest Makarenko. With a verified account, the head of the Novo-Peredelkino municipality in the Russian capital wrote to him: “Unfortunate clown.”

The tweet went viral on social networks and several users began to joke that the South African businessman, Canadian and American citizen, and the Russian president could hold a judo fight, a sport that they both practice. Although, as has been known since the beginning of the war, Putin’s black belt was removed and he was prevented from fighting.

Elon Musk has been collaborating with the Ukrainian government for several weeks by sending them his company’s Internet satellite signal and sent shipments of Starlink equipment to guarantee the connection. Since the Russia-Ukraine war began at the end of last February, the billionaire has asked the people of the invaded country to withstand the attacks of the invaders.

Musk does it again

This would not be the first time that Musk has made a duel challenge from his social networks. In 2020 he challenged actor Johnny Depp to a martial arts fight because he had insulted him. Nor is it the first time that he has interfered in conflicts or international debates with controversial messages. In February he had a dispute with the US stock market regulator when it accused him of trying to limit his freedom of expression.

Also, he compared the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, with Adolf Hitler – former Nazi leader and Austrian leader, nationalized German, responsible for the start of World War II with the invasion of Poland and the subsequent Holocaust – for the restrictive measures he took as prevention during the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the criticism, Musk decided to remove that post.


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