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The front of the company that in the last few hours was the epicenter of a millionaire robbery / Sebastián Casali

A millionaire and audacious robbery took place yesterday at dawn in a metallurgical company located in a sector of Los Hornos, from which more than 15 million pesos would have been taken, if a sum of US dollars is included. Also, according to the official report, the thieves took out checks and other items of value.

The investigators are focused on the task of deciphering how the criminals managed to tear the security veil that surrounds the property located at 167 and 66. The operations center and the administrative area of ​​the company called “FyC Industrial Metallurgical Service” are located there. .

It is in this framework that the hypothesis that it was a coup planned “with a high degree of detail” is not ruled out. This is suggested by the “key” action carried out by the assailants around 2 in the morning, before entering the property known in the neighborhood as “the fortress.”

An imposing concrete and metal wall approximately four meters high, crowned by a long row of sharp spikes, surrounds the entire property.

At the entrance, two electric gates receive the visitor who must announce himself through an electric doorman, while being filmed by a dome installed on top of a sentry box.

On the facade of the company, three security cameras, strategically located to capture everything that happens in the internal courtyard, are combined with another electric intercom installed at the main door of the administration, the place where the blow took place.

The company is known in the area for its strong secrecy and level of security. Neighbors who spoke with this newspaper referred to the place as a “bunker.”

“We have seen two dogs that are released in the afternoon when the staff leaves. I think that at night they have a security guard, ”said a neighbor of the sector who asked to keep his identity safe.

Yesterday when this newspaper arrived at the scene, the Scientific Police was engaged in meticulous work to gather as much evidence as possible.

In the absence of footage, a fingerprint could become a determining factor in solving the case.

It is that, before entering, the subjects were in charge of cutting off the internet service and, according to a police source, the upload of images captured by the security cameras to the cloud was interrupted.

It is suspected that they may have also disabled an alarm system.

After neutralizing the video surveillance system, the subjects advanced towards the next obstacle, a blindex that separated them from a space that functions as a meeting center.

In that place, the company’s safe was housed, the third obstacle that the subjects had to overcome to seize the considerable loot.

After shattering the glass, the subjects came face to face with the box.

So far, the technical characteristics of the security chest have not been revealed, nor the method that the criminals are suspected of using to violate its security.

The concrete thing is that, according to police sources, the intruders seized a total of 8 million pesos in cash, 30 thousand dollars and several checks.

Yesterday, in the operation that was carried out, each space of the building was checked, although the investigators suspect that after taking the tickets, the subjects fled the place without being discovered.

Always based on the police version, the first person who came across the scene was an engineer who works and lives in the place, since the company provides him with a house.

Pushed by a series of noises, the man would have made the decision to go out to inspect and it would have been on that tour that he found the broken glass.

He immediately notified the company authorities and the Police.

As specified on its website, FyC Industrial Metallurgical Service is dedicated to the manufacture of metal structures for industry and construction. Among the tasks that are carried out are the construction and assembly of sheds, sheds and industrial buildings; the manufacture of full web beams, pedestrian bridges, public lighting columns and bodywork for cargo vehicles.

This is the second millionaire blow that occurs in less than a month in the Region. The previous act of insecurity took place on March 6 in a spare parts house in Lisandro Olmos.


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