Can you have a new man in your operating room. In the headquarters of the party he founded paul churches the new head of legal affairs is Cesar Lopez. As OKDIARIO has revealed, he is a close friend of the former second vice president of the Government who manages all thethe dirty rags of the purple formation. Together they attended the violent anti-globalization protests in Genoa at the beginning of the century in which a man died.

According to party sources told this newspaper, with this appointment Iglesias and Irene Montero They ensure control over all legal cases pending on the organization. In addition, he is the man trusted by the former leader of Podemos to undertake delicate work, that is, operations to unseat angry regional leaders. This was the case in the last regional primaries, held in Asturias, where a regional secretary critical of the PabloismDaniel Ripa. César López, through the Regulatory Compliance unit, maneuvered so that the then management of Podemos Asturias could not make donations on account of salary limits. In the rest of Spain the destination of these amounts is not made public, but where it was, it was stopped with bad arts before accusations of creating “client networks”.

César López replaces Mónica Carmona as head of the Department of compliance, that is, the lawyers who ensure compliance with the laws in a company or, in this case, in a party. Faced with the multiple complaints and open lawsuits that Podemos has open, the party needs a large law firm to try to avoid legal convictions. To this day, the formation continues to be imputed in the Neuron case that OKDIARIO first uncovered in April 2019. Cases such as those of Dina-Iglesias, Babysitter or, among others, the Calvin case.

However, the shadow of the alleged irregularity looms over the appointment of César López in this position. This activist currently charges as adviser of the Podemos parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies. Instead of being paid by the party, she signs her Meritxell Batet’s payroll as president of the Lower House. Sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that it could be illegal for a person who receives a public salary to perform tasks in the Courts, in reality, to work in the internal dynamics of a political party.

César López is an old friend of Iglesias. Together they shared battles. For example, in 2001 in Genoa (Italy) they participated as street agitators in one of the first political incursions of today’s university professor and talk show host. the italian newspaper The stamp rescued a photo of a very young Iglesias, 22 years old, in July 2001, together with his loyal squire at that G8 summit. Both dressed in helmets, gloves, shields and material to generate street havoc.

Is he “Soul friend” de Iglesias, according to people who have known him. In fact, in the thesis of the former leader of Podemos, it appears in the dedication section. «It would be impossible to name the colleagues with whom I shared many of the experiences analyzed in this work. Go only some names. Of those who are far away, but whose influence was key for me, Rafa Mayoral stands out. Something closer is César López, friend forever (…)”, he wrote in 2008.

Interview that Pablo Iglesias gave to ‘El Mundo’ together with César López in 2001.

This intimate that is handled away from the media spotlight He has become the strong man of Iglesias in Podemos, from where he has never left. In the electoral campaign of Castilla y León he was quick to intervene in support of Pablo Fernández, despite the fact that he recognized that his image no longer added up to get votes.

«To shield the Galapagar chalet, Pablo Iglesias has appointed a personal colleague of his in a key position for the control of the organization, stepping on the secretary general herself, Ione Belarra. She is Cease Lopeza friend from his adolescence, since the days of riots at the G8 summit in the city of Genoa. This can be seen in many publications in which they are photographed together », comment sources familiar with the appointment and that OKDIARIO has been able to confirm.

her predecessor, Monica Carmonawas dismissed for denouncing allegedly irregular uses of party resources. “With Cease LopezIrene Montero and Pablo Iglesias shield your farmhouse and your chalet of Galapagar for the next few years and they will be able to use and enjoy all the money without any control”, detail these sources that cross out the appointment of “very serious”, since This man gets paid by Congress for full-time consulting work. They point out that there could be “law fraud” on that appointment. “It is urgent that some parliamentary group, the general secretary of Congress or the Court of Auditors investigate the parliamentary group for financing party activity instead of making proper use of public funds,” they implore.

OKDIARIO has contacted Podemos and César López himself, but they avoid, for now, commenting on these events.


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