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Andrei not only completely changed his appearance, but also changed his name – now he is Niels Traurig according to the documents. Even at the age of 12, the guy realized that he was drawn to experiments. First, the young man got a tattoo, then pierced the piercing, and then … away we go. Now he can’t be stopped.

“My eyes are beautiful. It’s a tattoo, yes. I feel very comfortable and can see well. A piercing on the face does not bother me at all. I have 21 tattoos, 18 punctures: on the nipples, face, there are also tunnels. There were 48 punctures, something had to be removed, because the punctures did not take root, for example, on the cheeks. But I want half back. At the age of 17, he scored his eyes. I want another four centimeters of antlers,” Niels said.

The guy’s mother Olga does not understand him at all. The woman not only asks, but begs her son to stop mocking her body. Nils does not hear the parent.

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“My childhood life was already sad,” Traurig, 22, said. – I was insulted, humiliated at school, in the family. The mother was beaten with a belt. I remember when the belt buckle hit my eye…it hurt a lot. Relations with my mother began to crumble at the age of seven or ten years.

At the same time, Olga does not deny that she raised her hand against her son, however, she resorted to this in extreme measures. According to the woman, she did not know how else to influence her child.

“She was strict, yes, but in moderation, she didn’t scold over trifles. She raised him alone. It’s hard for me. I don’t know where my son gets his tattoo, in which salons … I’m not sure about these masters. I hope he changes something and stops. I would give my life to get everything back. I’m afraid of the consequences, I’m afraid that he won’t stop. I worry!” – said, without holding back tears, Sushchenko in the program “Beyond” on the NTV channel.

Photo: footage from the show “Beyond the Boundary” on the NTV channel


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