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Well, there is a movie coming up that is particularly pleasing to minorities with immense power. Who celebrate not so much the conviction as the submission that he achieved the ability of the deputy Sergio Massa in implicit alliance with the underdog macrista and perhaps Mauricio Macri himself. Before the sonorous silences of the President and the Vice President, the Argentine tragedy from the night of Thursday to Friday was completed with the suspicious and cowardly attack on CFK’s officedenied by the opposition and distorted by their media and trash TV in a pathetic act of confession.

In that Argentina that began to give birth on Friday, the harsh setback of our democracy and autonomy was cooked with skill worthy of a better cause. Because the delivery of the Sovereignty of our country over all its riches is a ferocious fact that condemns half the country to hunger, misery and ignorance in a single blow and in a vile package, mounted on the false cackle that “there was no other way out” and that it was “agreement or default”. Thus, it seems wrong to fear the return of the right in 2023. The right has already returned and its debut was powerful.

The truth is the submission from now on is absolute: there is no matter left in which Argentina can make a sovereign decision, that is, without “agreements” (for example: authorizations). For this there is already a British official installed in the Central Bank to monitor day by day what Argentina decides and does. This is how the arbitrary and very clever Fund proceeds and everyone knows it.

Those who have fought to recover national sovereignty over the emblematic Paraná River, like this columnist, painfully knew that early morning that this was the sung end of the tragedy that began 67 years ago by military assassins and sepoy civilians who, in the long walk to the present They destroyed that egalitarian, fair, free and sovereign country that was the Argentine Republic. And a country that at the end of the 20th century was degraded by theft, corruption, scramble for concessions and even a mass crime in Rio Tercero.

On Thursday it became clear that many, far too many, learned nothing. That same day Decree 120/22 was publishedby which a long sarasa signed by Juan Manzur and Alexis Guerrera provides that everything be transferred to a “National Entity for Control and Management of the Navigable Way” to manage future concessions. In other words, more of the same, along the lines of the repudiated Decree 949/20, whose harmful survival guarantees the political, economic and environmental condemnation of the Paraná Riverwhich they do not even dare to call by its name but with the anonymous “waterway”.

That wonderful river –one of the six most important on the planet and that today, wounded, no longer supports criminal dredging– it continues to be potentially the lifeline of the Argentine economy. What would be achieved by simply regaining control of foreign trade. In less than 10 years the entire external debt would be paid, and even the macrista scam.

The worst thing is that it is presumable that everyone in the Chamber of Deputies knew it. It was enough, enough and it will continue to be enough to renationalize the Paraná and foreign trade, and to open the Magdalena Canal once and for all, to reinstate ourselves with power and sovereignty in the South Atlantic. It only takes patriotism and courage. With only that, the road to recovery of this country is traced.

And those decisions, it must be said, are of national and popular tradition: Peronist wherever you look, but also radical of good strain, and socialist of Palacios and of the best national left. It is enough to go through our History and our geography to notice that the uncertainty produced by this “agreement” of subjugation with the IMF, in the provinces unleashes not only fear and resignation, but also resentment because there are innumerable peoples overwhelmed and fed up with a certain Buenos Aires frivolity and of subtle violence that from the Federal Capital are exercised day by day on millions of compatriots who have lost and are losing jobs, fields, crops, houses, industries, warehouses, shops, rural schools today empty and entire towns depopulated and ghostly. And all in exchange for soybeans and other grains and pesticides that enrich millionaire landowners who brazenly evade taxes and withholdings.

Hence, the question that remains unanswered while our government continues to believe that everything is resolved with meekness and setbacks like that of Vicentín and smiles at Expoagro, is: How much more are the Buenos Aires leaders and their lackeys in the provinces going to continue paying illegitimate debts with popular hunger?

It is known that through the Paraná-Paraguay water complex, 80% of the supposed Argentine exports go out to the world. And yes, supposed, because in reality they are not ours but a handful of foreign companies. To put it more clearly: today Argentine foreign trade is an uncontrolled system of evasion because those that export are companies that do not weigh, nor pay taxes, and the graniferous consortiums always get rid of withholdings.

And meanwhile our river, historic and present emblem of national sovereignty, continues to bleed to the rhythm of convoluted and confusing decrees that until now have only done harm and whose consequences, if the river is privatized again for another 20 or 25 years, hold on Catalina… And It is also to be resolved whether the exit to the Atlantic Ocean will be through Argentine waters and ports, via the Río de la Plata and Canal Magdalena, or if Argentina, with the rivers and the sea that it has, will continue captive of a Uruguayan channel managed by European and Asian capital. For some time now, deputy Carlos Del Frade has been teaching patriotism in Santa Fe, and recently he submitted a request for information so that the government of his province “explains why he wants the dredging, beaconing and toll services of the Paraná to remain in the hands of and that, furthermore, have access to the sea through the Uruguayan channel of Punta Indio and what is the basis for such a definition of public policy”, since Punta Indio is the adversary channel, let’s say, of our Magdalenawhich is at the meeting point of the Paraná with the Atlantic and until now Argentina neglects.

And worse still: there are already those who claim that navigation up Paraná be with greater draft (that is, dredging more) so that foreign private agro-exporters have more ports in Santa Fe (Reconquista), in Chaco (Barranqueras) and even in Formosa, where they can receive large ships, obviously Paraguayan-flagged, to supply the current barges, as well Paraguayans.

So that it is understood at once: Paraná is a political and economic axis that stirs everything. Because sovereignty is not an elegant dinner dish with speeches; it is the basis of the existence of a nation as we were. One that did not go into debt when Yrigoyen, Perón, Illia and Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governed. The only presidents who did not take infamous loans that mortgaged the future of generations. As now he will do –sarasas aside– the so-called “agreement” that in truth it only served to clean the dirty tail of Macri and his henchmen, and so that we practically lose sovereignty in everything. Because from now on, and with the Fund in your house and in mine and in that of every Argentine, not only will we not be sovereign but not even owners of anything: neither oil nor lithium, nor gold, silver or copper. And at this rate, not even the waters of the wetlands, if there are any wetlands left.

It is also for this reason that the economic and non-communicative powers oppose a constitutional reform, and are frightened when it is proposed a New Constitution, that is, one that discusses everything, entirely and without limitations parliamentarians that only serve to neutralize what is reformed.

Impossible to write this note except with pain and rejoicing, yes with the background of the wonderful choir “Va pensiero” from Giuseppe Verdi’s “Nabucco”, to encrypt hope.

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