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This Wednesday the Salary Council is going to define the new amount of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary, which is currently at 33 thousand pesos, a figure that covers only 41 percent of the Total Basic Basket for a typical family. Its update has a strong impact because it acts as a floor for the wages of the agreement and is automatically transferred to the Empower plan, which is equivalent to half of the SMVM. The Labor Minister, Claudio Moroni, spoke of a 40% increase in sections, with a review in September or October. The CTAs indicated that they expect a better recomposition, and the leftist social organizations are preparing to mobilize while the Council is in session.

For this week, along with the mobilizations, two camps were announced. A group of piquetero organizations will protest with tents from Monday to Wednesday in front of the Ministry of Labor. Led by the FOL, the MTD Aníbal Verón and the FOB, these are movements of the independent left that have just held a vigil in front of Congress, when the deputies debated the agreement with the IMF. In turn, the Polo Obrero and Barrios de Pie also announced that they are going to set up tents on Tuesday in front of Social Development to mobilize for Labor on Wednesday, when the Salary Council meets – beyond the fact that their meeting is virtual, by videoconference .

In 2021, due to the rise in prices, the government brought forward the increases in the minimum wage and even supplemented them. These recompositions, however, were not enough to defend their purchasing power. In fact, his 33,000 pesos today leave a family of four destitute, which to cover the basic food basket in Greater Buenos Aires needs income of 34,334 pesos per month. If what is measured is the relationship with the poverty line, the minimum wage covers only 41 percent of the total basic basket, which with January prices rose to 78,624 pesos.

The Salary Council is made up of representatives of the State, the business chambers and the labor unions, and meets under the chairmanship of the labor minister, who on Friday defended the 40 percent increase guideline in installments, with a six-monthly review.

“We are working so that this growth experienced by the economy after the coronavirus pandemic makes it possible to recover real wages. We are seeing that all collective negotiations are around 40% with a possibility of review in September, October or November, “ Moroni said at the closing of the annual plenary session of the Federal Labor Council (CFT), an area in which the provinces are represented.

These will be the first updates set by the Salary Council after the agreement with the IMF.

The head of the Workers’ CTA of Argentina, Hugo Yasky, pointed out that the agreement with the IMF was “a bitter pill,” but assured that the government “with concrete facts is going to demonstrate that the will is not to apply an adjustment” and you will have the opportunity to do so on Wednesday, at the Salary Council.

Yasky pointed out that according to the minimum income studies carried out by Cifra, the CTA Research Center, If “the hypothetical inflation of 2022 were 52.8 percent, the recomposition must be at least 45 percent.”

“This would allow a minimum wage to be reached in December, still a couple of points below inflation. That figure was already obtained recently by the teaching unions in parity, but the minimum income requires an increase of 50 percent to position it above of the inflationary process and in bimonthly installments”.

The teacher leader and national deputy pointed out that for the minimum wage to recover the purchasing power it had towards the end of 2015 “it would be necessary to set it at 51,950 pesoswhich is a huge task and challenge”.

In turn, the Autonomous CTA headed by Hugo Godoy and Ricardo Peidró proposed “rebuilding the lost purchasing power, and managing to match projected inflation for this year, which is estimated to be between 50 and 55 percent.”

In this sense, Peidró maintained that “dThere must be a clear plan to recover the minimum wage; the increase in the first and second months should be very strong, and there should also be a review this year.”

Finally, several leaders of the CGT board of directors confided to the Télam news agency that the workers’ union still “has not established a position regarding the claim that it will present to officials and businessmen,” which it would do between Monday and Tuesday.


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