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The Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, appeared before the Senate on Monday for an explanatory session on the Government’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The official submitted to the different questions that the legislators who make up the Budget Commission asked him. In one of them, Guzmán was uncomfortable when asked about the internal of the Front of All and had a curious reaction.

The question in question came from the leader of Together for Change for Chubut, Ignacio Torres, who stated: “What do you think about the destabilizing potential of a sector of the ruling government that systematically boycotts executive decisions? What is that central difference, if it is not ideological or technical, that means that, for example, in deputies the vote has been divided?

Along these same lines, Torres from Chubut completed: “That somehow attempts at what you are asking for, which is rationality, predictability and, above all, responsibility. Is it possible to settle these differences in the face of the Senate vote? ”, He concluded, to which Guzmán chose not to answer it. In any case, silence was not called.

“I have already referred to the question of what we look at in terms of what ended up being obtained with Parliament, so well, I thank you for your comments,” said the official, and continued with the agenda of the explanatory session, although At times, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda took the opportunity to throw a ‘stick’ at Kirchnerism.

Guzman vs. Kirchnerism

Amid the upsurge in tensions between Albertism and Kirchnerism as a result of the differences regarding the agreement with the IMF, Guzmán sent a forceful message with a wink to the inmate, arguing that “if there was no agreement” with the financial institution, there would be in the country the conditions for a real “expenditure adjustment”.

This is how he exposed it in full speech: “If there was no agreement with the IMF there would be no net external financing. That is to say that there if Argentina would have conditions that would imply an adjustment of the expense”, affirmed the official. As he explained, “if there is no adjustment in real spending, it is because as a result of the negotiation that we carry out, we can count on conditions that prevent there from being an adjustment in real spending, and hence the value of the negotiation carried out by the national government.”

Meanwhile, the minister stated that “from the external point of view” the agreement also contributes to avoiding the adjustment. “We are talking here about foreign currency income, dollars. In Argentina the adjustment occurs when there are no dollars. In other words, if it had not been possible to reach an agreement with the IMF to be implemented as a program, there would be fewer dollars in Argentina”, he argued.

He also asked for the voting deadlines

Guzmán inaugurated the debate on the agreement with the IMF and defended the project that had half a sanction by Deputies, in part thanks to the contribution of Together for Change since La Cámpora rejected it. In this sense, he exposed a series of keys of what is coming at the macroeconomic level in Argentina. Well, he maintained that “we seek to build rules of the game to strengthen the Republic.”

And he pointed out: “It is not healthy that a government in power can act in a way that without broad support implies the possibility of following a harmful path”, the minister stressed, while expressing that he celebrates “this process”, and added: “We encourage decision-making in times and in ways that allow Argentina to build certainties.”

In this way, the head of the economic portfolio made an appeal to Kirchnerism after his resounding rejection of the agreement in Deputies, and especially to the vice president and head of the Senate, Cristina Kirchner, about whom for the moment it is speculated whether he will say present in the premises at the time of debate and voting. It should be remembered that her son, deputy Máximo Kirchner, was not in the entire debate and just appeared on his bench to vote in the negative.


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