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Recently John Carter has returned to the conversation now that his entire cast, including Lynn Collins, has spoken about the memory of a success that vanished. The science fiction film produced by Disney had everything to become a new classic for audiences. A multi-star cast, a large budget, a source material that was the founding father of contributions such as Dune, starwars or star trek; but above all an experienced director who used to make screen hits. However, a dramatic twist surprised everyone when the film became a huge flop.

Ten years after the dream dissipated, the entire main team of the film speak about the repercussions of such a stumble. But probably none was as dramatic as the one experienced by actress Lynn Collins. The protagonist of the film, the so-called “princess of Mars” as the original work is titled, explained that the failure of the film almost ended her career.

Sadly, behind such claims, there are some unfortunate vices of the industry that have been denounced in recent years. When John Carter did not get the expected results, Lynn Collins’s team told her to put a pause in her acting career, because all the blame for the tragedy would be placed on her back.

“’You’re just going to have to disappear because you’re the one who’s going to get the blame for this,’” the actress shared.

Despite the fact that the leading credits of the film also include other names such as Taylor Kitsch, Mark Strong, Willem Dafoe, Ciarán Hinds or Bryan Cranston, it was easy for Collins’ manager to assume that the only woman in the cast would be the one who I would bear all the consequences.

It is common practice within the misogynist landscape of the industry to assume such things. For some time the actress believed it. But most of all she obeyed her suggestion, enveloped in disappointment not only by the lukewarm response of the public and critics towards the film, but by the behavior of her own team.

“It was so indicative of that stereotype, the woman gets the worst of it. Really bullshit,” she continued. “Taylor continued to work, he did ‘Battleship’ and other things, but basically my people left me aside for a while. This is so devastating because it wasn’t just the movie that let me down, now it was the entire industry and my representative. And I ended up firing those people. It took me about a year to do that, but I took a break and tried to figure out, until then, my career and my work. And I really let that define me.”

The reality is that behind every Hollywood failure, there are always unfair consequences, especially for the faces of the cast. It has been observed on many occasions that several actors were discarded after being involved in a project with such luck. And this is not precisely because of the cast members.

just about John Carter many have talked about how his failed passage through theaters was the fault of bad publicity. To date there are many people who do not know the film, or who found out about its existence many years after its release. There is a broad group of moviegoers who consider that the fate of the film should have been different, and this can be seen in the divergence between the public’s rating and the critic’s score.

the love for John Carter It has arrived ten years late, but the faithful can revisit it as many times as they want through Disney Plus.

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