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Friends of the music and television producer, Luis de Llano Macedo they came to his defense by considering him a person ‘blameless’ and a ‘good friend’, this in reference to the scandal in which he is involved after the accusation of Sasha Sokol for abuse against her when she was only 14 years old.

The former member of Timbiriche rocked the world of entertainment Mexico when on the night of March 8 he exposed in a letter that he posted on social networks his version of the “relationship” that he had for “4 years” with the producer of the group.

The relationship occurred when the singer was 14 years old and the producer was 39 and described how “toxic” the link you had with the content creator of Televisa. In addition, she accused him of giving “false” details of what happened between them because he knew that he had committed a “crime” with her.

But it was friends of the producer who came to his defense, like the actress Mayra Rojas who claimed to know the two involved and said that Luis de Llano was always respectful of her and her deceased sister lorraine red, who died in February 2015.

“I have known Luis for many years. For me he was an impeccable man with my sister and with me ”, said the 57-year-old artist.

“A man who opened the doors of his house to me and gave me the enormous opportunity to discover myself as an actress. He was a man who never dared even if he was drunk “, shared.

He also admitted that he knew Sasha and that I hadto “lived great moments of his career” with her: “I met Sasha at a stage where she herself said: ‘I don’t know what I want’”.

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“I experienced very strong things. It would be very imprudent of me to talk about something so intimate that we had to experience when I traveled for many months with Muñecos de Papel”, he said, referring to the musical group that derived from the 1991 telenovela‘Reaching for a Star II’, in which both coincided.

Given the alleged “abuse” that he accused Sasha by Louis of Llanowho was also the producer of that telenovela and group, Mayra Rojas questioned the actions of the mother of his colleague and companion, Magdalene Cuillery.

“Where was the mom?” I express.

For her part, the actress Felicia Market came out in defense of the creator of melodramas of Televisabeing one of the few artists who have positioned themselves against the confession of the Timbiriche.

In a very controversial way, the one who was the representative of Mexico in Miss Universe assured that a person at that time was already capable of being 14 or 15 years old. know what was done or not, mentioning that although the two are his friends and he has known them for years, he considers that everything is not so drastic.

“She was already what, about 15 years old, right? I think she already made her decision and I don’t know if she put the gun on her and told her ‘by force you have to do it’. I don’t know, I’ve known them both for many years and he’s my lifelong friend.” expressed the actress of soap operas such as Por Amar Sin Ley, Dama y Obrero or el Rostro de la Venganza.

“But I think that at the age of 14 well… and being in the environment we are in, at 15 I was already Miss Mexico and all the gentlemen in the world threw themselves at me, all of them. You also already have (points to her head) or your mother and you have a little head and you know if you accept a situation like that or not, right? ”he added.

Felicia Market He continued to defend whom he considers one of his greatest friends despite not spending time with him frequently, leaving him words of affection and ensuring that the “men are men” and for this reason various actions that they can have on women are justified, so that all the responsibility falls in part on all those who They don’t know how to set limits.

“Yes, but it is my friend, that you want me to tell you: ‘men are men’ and they all come out of it”, express.

The artist added that the blame for such a situation is due to the media that “they bring up topics like this” time later, despite the fact that the women’s movement that demands a rise to sexual harassment and abuse continues to grow:

“I think he is aware of what he did or could have happened and that it happened so long ago that we are already in another and that you take all this out thousands of years later (he makes faces as if it doesn’t make sense), I think that he is calm”, finished.


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