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Robert Pattinson and the K-pop band BTS had a dream weekend. The first, with earnings heading to $850 million dollars globally, and the second, setting a record for an event that hit theaters in a single day, with impressive numbers.

Let’s start talking about batman. In the US, it had a sensational ‘hold’, as it barely lost 51% vs. last week. To put in context, the MCU films fall 63% in their 2nd week, and other DC films have had greater declines: 69% for batman v superman; 61% for the knight of the night and 56% for The Justice League.

Thus, its $66.0 million this weekend made it possible for it to advance to $238.5 million in 10 days, surpassing Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ($224.5 million) with which it became the 2nd highest grossing film of the Covid-Era, behind Spider-Man: No Way Home, approaching the $800 million neighborhood.

Before its debut in China (March 18), the top markets of batman They are the United Kingdom ($35.2 million), Mexico ($20.2), Australia ($16.7), Brazil ($14.6), France ($13.6), Germany ($10.4), Italy ($7.6), Spain ($7.3), South Korea ($6.3), Saudi Arabia ($6.2) and India ($5.9). How will the superhero fare in the world’s 2nd largest market? That’s an unknown: The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises they made $60 million, but those were different times. Just remember that Hombre de Hierro made $12 million and Spider-Man 3, $18, while iron Man 3 added $122 and Spider-Man: Far From Home added $145 million.

BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage

One day was enough for BTS to set a record. BTS: Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul: Live Viewing, became this week the no. 2 at the box office globally. With a live event, it added $32.6 million dollars in 75 countries, leaving behind the record that this type of event had… BTS, with bring the soul ($24.3 million in 2019). In the US, the concert was shown in 803 theaters in 170 cities and grossed $6.8 million.

Last week it outperformed both versions of Tomb Rider, and this became the 9th highest grossing video game adaptation in history, with $301.2 million globally. will soon overtake Sonic ($304.9), warship ($313.4) and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ($314.1).

This week, it only lost 17% in the US and added $9.2 million to its coffers, for a cumulative total of $113.3 million. In 64 international markets, Holland added $11.2 million dollars, for $187.9.

Peter Parker can boast that he will have the 3rd film that exceeds $ 800 million in the US, behind Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens ($936.6) and Avengers: Endgame ($858.3). Today it adds $792.2 million, after this weekend it only fell 11%. When adding their international income ($1,084 million), their total advanced to $1,876.2 million global.

India: Radhe Shyam

Not only China and Hollywood make impressive numbers. In this case, this film, which was shot simultaneously in Telgu and Hindi, slips into the weekly global top 4. The romantic period drama, set in the 1970s, debuted with $15.5 million globally, of which $1.8 million came courtesy of 800 theaters in the US, where it debuted in 6th place weekly.

China: The Battle at Lake Changjing 2 and Too Cool to Kill

With $625.9 million dollars, the sequel adds 70% of what its predecessor did half a year ago ($904 million dollars), which became the 2nd highest-grossing film in history in a single territory, only behind the aforementioned Episode VII and its $936.6 million. The other Lunar New Year premiere, Too Cool To Killadds up to $405.2 million.

Other films in global markets

  • dog. The family proposal celebrates 4 weekends in the top 4 of the US box office and accumulates $47.8 million, tripling the $15 million it cost to produce. Another 20 markets add $7.5 million, for a global total of $55.3 million
  • death on the nile. In theory, adding $124.9 million and being a movie for an adult audience sounds like success, but if this one cost $90 million plus advertising… the numbers don’t add up. Of that figure, $40.8 comes courtesy of the US.
  • Sing 2. The sequel is THREE months old as the only animation from a major studio in theaters. With $366.9 million global ($155.8 from the US), it amounts to almost 60% of what its predecessor did ($634.3 million in 2016-17).
  • Jackass Forever. At $71.8 million global ($56.2 from the US) delivery is exactly $100 million away from Jackass 3D, but only $14 million and $8 million. Jackass Number Two and Jackass: The Movierespectively.
batman box office

Top 10. Global Box Office
Weekend 10. From March 11 to 13, 2022

  1. The Batman $132,600,000 (76)
  2. BTS Permission to Dance on Stage $29,555,656 (26)
  3. Uncharted: Off the Map $20,450,000 (65)
  4. Radhe Shyam $15,500,000 (3)
  5. Spider-Man: No Way Home $6,475,000 (60)
  6. $6,061,336 (20)
  7. Death on the Nile $5,500,000 (42)
  8. Sign 2 $4,582,000 (68)
  9. The Battle At Lake Changjin II $4,379,000 (3)
  10. Turning Network $3,800,000 (12)


Corollary: Turning Red

batman box office

Many of us still wonder if Disney did the accounts wrong with Omicron, if they want to use Pixar as cannon fodder to raise the numbers of their streaming platform, or if they just hate Pixar, because this is the 3rd pandemic debut of the studio that they send to Disney + (the others, Soul and Luca).

In the US, the animation debuted in a couple of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, it is said that to “meet the requirement” and be able to be nominated for an Oscar in 2023. Although there and in almost the whole world it went directly to Disney + , it was revealed that the studio spent $23 million on TV spots in the US. While we will never know how much he was able to raise, everything indicates that he would make $30 million in his debut and end up hovering in the 9 figures north of the Rio Grande.

In 12 territories where there is no Disney +, it added $3.8 million. His top results were Saudi Arabia ($0.9), Poland ($0.4), United Arab Emirates ($0.4), Israel ($0.3), and Romania ($0.2).

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