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Peruvian actor Emmanuel Soriano thanked the LGTBI community for supporting his character “Gustavo” in the series “Neighborhood Boards”, which caused controversy this week after he kissed Fausto Molina’s character, “Jota”.

The actor, who has just entered the novel ‘Maricucha’, received criticism, but also praise, as he revealed in an extensive message that he posted on his Instagram account, where he took the opportunity to thank all those who congratulated his performance, especially his partner, the actor Fausto Molina.

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I’ve had several opportunities to play characters from the LGTBQI+ community but they leaned towards the stereotype, or they got stuck in something without any change or they just didn’t connect me. With Gustavo it was different. He is a character with a lot of fear of being rejected for being himself, for being his essence. Playing a character like Gustavo meant having two possible fronts against me. People entrenched in their pity, lack of empathy and driven by their religious beliefs that have nothing to do with the spiritual and on the other hand the same LGTBQI + community that could criticize me for playing a character without being a member of their own communityEmmanuel commented.

What I expected happened to the first group and I greatly appreciate the welcome and the celebration of the second. I am left with a message that I received last night and that moved me a lot: ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are helping many and many who suffer in silence in a way that you yourself do not understand. Thanks’. And yes, I really don’t understand myself but I empathize. I start from my own sensitivity and vulnerability that is great and sometimes weighs me down. And that being a man in a macho country you are prone to a circle of judgments and criticism simply and simply because you connect with your sensitivity”, added the actor.

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In addition, he explained he managed to make this character thanks to his empathy, by putting himself in the place of others, “sno judgment of your actions, feelings, or thoughts”. He described the society as “repressed, cucufata, fearful, shitty and distrustful” so he understands his rejection, but “at the same time I await your change without imposition but rather by reflection or experience”.

His message generated the support of his followers and his acting colleagues such as Melania Urbina, Anahí de Cárdenas, Karin Jordán, Erika Villalobos, Martin Velásquez and Monchi Brugue.


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