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It cannot be said that the role in “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” brought Nelly Uvarova only success, fame and love of the public. “There were downsides. It was hard for me to deal with this kind of attention. Now I am a closed person, and this is a necessary measure in order not to come into contact with so many people. Before that, I was different – everyone is close to me, and I am open to everyone. But the TV series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” happened, and this is everyone’s attention. I became defensive, and all my efforts were aimed at becoming as inconspicuous as possible. I used to wear bright, and then I began to dress in gray, black, dark blue, ”the actress explained.

How did Nelly get the role of Katya Pushkareva and why did she act less and less later? And if in the series the heroine was waiting for a happy ending, then how did Nelly’s personal life turn out? On March 14, Uvarova turns 42, and we share information about her career and family.

Girl without a home

Nelly was born in the Lithuanian city of Mazeikiai, and at the age of two she moved with her parents and sister to Tbilisi. Everything was fine until a civil war broke out in Georgia. Uvarova said that because of the interethnic conflict, harassment began, and her mother and father, who held leadership positions, did not agree to move to lower positions and quit anywhere. “Because it was impossible to find a new job with a Russian surname. But we are proud. Therefore, they looked for any opportunities to earn money. Hard times indeed. I remember when we only ate porridge. Rice, buckwheat, millet, ”said the actress.

In 1994, the family decided to move to Moscow, where there were no relatives, no work, no home. Nelly felt like a stranger everywhere: in Georgia she was teased for her Russian surname, and in Russia for her southern accent.

“Everyone turns to you and again you hear “come in large numbers”. The feeling that you are not your own there, and not your own here. In principle, there is no place for you, because your mother is Armenian, your father is Russian, you were born in Lithuania, lived in Georgia, in principle you don’t belong anywhere. It was necessary either to deal with it aggressively right away, or to score and say: “In my opinion, you have problems, but I don’t have them, I am my own everywhere.” I chose the second option, because the path of aggression will not lead to anything good, ”Nellie confessed in the Youtube show“ Tell Gordeeva ”.

Due to the lack of citizenship and registration, Uvarova was not taken to educational institutions, but in the end she ended up in one of the five best schools in Moscow – an adequate director entered the position of a family. Gradually, life began to improve: her parents went into business, Nelly began to attend a theater studio on Shabolovka.

Despite the southern dialect, Uvarova managed to enter VGIK on the course of Georgy Taratorkin. At first, the girl thought that the accent was her highlight, but at the very first stage speech lesson, when a respected teacher waved his hand at the student, demonstrating that her performance caused almost physical pain to the ears, Nelly realized the mistake.

“I lived in Reutovo, went to VGIK for an hour and a half, and this time I devoted to rewriting texts, taught how to speak correctly, recorded myself on a dictaphone and listened again. I was able to get rid of the accent when I started hearing it. A year later, I managed to cope with the conversation, and he betrayed me only in moments of excitement, ”the actress noted.

star role

The artist was insanely grateful to Georgy Taratorkin for his trust, because he did not just take her on a course with an accent: in the third round, the girl began to loose her ligaments from excitement, she could not utter a word. The teacher gave Nelly a referral to the phoniatrist, and did not exclude her from the applicants for the budget. History repeated itself in September: Uvarova’s beloved aunt died, so she again lost her voice from stress. And then Taratorkin gave the student a third chance.

What came of it, we all know: in 1999, the actress made her screen debut in a short film, then starred in an episode of Boomer, and in 2001 she got a job at RAMT, where she eventually became the leading artist. In 2004, Nelly received the theatrical award of the Rainbow festival, then she was nominated for the Golden Mask. But the breakthrough in the cinema happened after “Don’t Be Born Beautiful.”

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In fact, at first they did not want to take the actress for the main role. The teacher Alexander Nazarov immediately saw Katya Pushkareva in Nelly and told the directors that the heroine had been found. However, after recording the samples, the directors began to doubt and rejected the candidacy. They returned to Uvarova’s portfolio again a few months later – after reviewing the video from the casting, the producers were convinced that Nazarov was not mistaken.

The collapse of the first marriage

A piquant detail is that Nelly began an affair with one of the directors of the project: Sergei Pikalov. Moreover, at the time of filming the series, the lovers had been dating for four years. “So that this does not interfere with our work, we kept it a secret. He was in the status of a director, and I was an artist. We could not afford anything, ”the star explained.

When attention to the actress against the backdrop of the growing popularity of the series became close, there was no point in hiding the romance. The lovers got married, and impressionable viewers immediately concluded that the artist’s feelings for the director flared up right on the set. This was not the problem: Uvarova felt acutely tired due to her busy schedule, could not withstand the increased interest of her fans, and therefore strove to be alone, which had a negative effect on marriage.

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While Nellie’s career was booming, with roles in the dramas In the First Circle, I’m Staying, and Atlantis, the family was rapidly collapsing. Once Uvarova invited her husband to live separately, although communication was not interrupted in the bud.

“I take responsibility for the divorce from Sergei. I behaved very badly, broke down. At the same time, we continued to be close people, to communicate. One day he confessed to me that he met a girl and I was so glad. Then it became indecent to hide the separation, ”the actress explained in the program“ The Fate of a Man ”of the Russia 1 channel.

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By the way, even Nelly’s parents did not suspect a crisis in the couple’s relationship, so the news of the impending divorce shocked them. Knowing the daughter’s determination, the older generation came to terms with what had happened. Moreover, Uvarova did not plan to put an end to her personal life.

Second chance

Within a few months, Nellie had an affair with Alexander Grishin, whom she had actually known for years. “After graduating from the institute, I came to the Theater in the South-West to try myself in a new genre. But my master didn’t let me go for good and gave me the lead role of McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nelly played a prostitute in it. So we met … I didn’t like her, because she didn’t accept my modest courtship, ”the actor later admitted.

For the next eight years, colleagues did not really contact each other, although they crossed paths in the RAMT canteen. One day, an ordinary conversation out of politeness turned into an interesting conversation, so the actors began to communicate via SMS. Then Alexander invited Nelly to the cinema, and at some point both realized that they did not want to leave.

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They were in no hurry to advertise the relationship, even when the actress became pregnant. It became even more difficult after the birth of daughter Iya – the fans did not understand who the father of the child was, but the theater colleagues did not receive official confirmation of the romance from the lovers themselves, so they were afraid to openly congratulate Alexander.

If not for the tragedy, the couple could have had three children

If not for the tragedy, the couple could have had three children

Subsequently, the couple announced both the marriage and the children – in 2016, Ignatius was born. But this does not mean that the secrets are over – as it turned out, Nelly was pregnant again in the period before the birth of her son. Then the actress suffered a miscarriage, therefore, having learned about the situation again, she was afraid that she could not stand the baby.

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“The pregnancies were so different. My husband helped, but these are my fears. I could stare at my stomach for hours, as long as nothing happened. In order not to go crazy, I had to pretend that it was not with me, ”admitted Nelly.

Inconvenient Actress

Despite the birth of two children, Uvarova did not stay on maternity leave. She actively played in the theater, and in the year of the birth of her first child, she founded the social project “Naive? Very ”, helping people with developmental disabilities involved in creativity.

The artist was a volunteer in children’s hospitals, did charity work, employed and promoted the paintings of the participants “Naive? Very”. At the same time, at first, no one really knew about this area of ​​​​Nelli’s work: she does not have social networks, and she did not want to flaunt help to people, so that someone would hang labels about hype. “And then I thought: why am I embarrassed? I like the work of the guys, I have to help the online store with their works of art, ”concluded the actress.

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But if everything was in order with the theater and the social project, then it was more difficult with filming a movie. Nelly appeared in the series Satellites, Payback and Adaptation, in 2020 she began playing Tikhomirov’s wife in The Last Minister, but against the background of her colleagues actively filming, this seemed like a drop in the ocean.

Six months ago, viewers of

Six months ago, viewers of “Evening Urgant” discussed the change in image and the weight gain of the actress: some even suggested that she was pregnant.

“I can say that if I don’t like something, I try to get rid of it as soon as possible. For example, she starred for two months in one series and realized that the role was not to her liking. I found the strength to ask to cut me out. We filmed four episodes, but my heroine did not develop in any way, although I was promised this. And I decided to end it. They dispersed peacefully, but they don’t call me to act anymore, because I’m not a very comfortable actress, ”the artist concluded.

It is possible that not everything is going smoothly in the relationship of the actress with her husband. So, the star hinted that over the years of marriage, feelings have lost their former freshness. “It’s so hard to keep yourself, to be independent of the opinion of the person you trust for years. And when this person speaks out, you fall, collapse, and then you understand: the opinion of this person no longer means anything, because he has not been an authority for you for a long time, he has been lying to himself for a long time! It’s difficult, it’s difficult … ”she talked about her husband.

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Nelly did not stutter about divorce, but she made it clear that her personal life had not been in the first place in her hierarchy of priorities for a long time. So, to the questions of Ekaterina Gordeeva about the state of love, the actress replied that she was in a lull. Fans are sure that in any case, Uvarova will not be left alone.

Based on the materials of “Around TV”, “Antenna-Telesem”.

Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova /, Legion-Media, Roman Kuznetsov / “Antenna-Telesem”, personal archive,, footage from the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful”, “Atlantis”


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