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“A supportive woman and an excellent neighbor. Too bad they killed her like that.” In Villa Alba everyone mourns the inexplicable death of Lilia Mavel Silva (57), who yesterday paid the consequences of an attack that remains beyond reason.

According to sources in the case, around four in the morning, when a family celebration was still taking place in his home, a group of misfits tried to join the celebration.

According to the information collected by this newspaper, the aggressors, in principle, were not known to any of those who were present at the scene. That is why it was striking that they insisted on participating in the meeting and, much more, their bestial reaction when they were told that they could not pass.

It was a brother of the victim who blocked their path and told them to leave. That’s why they launched some insults, pushed each other and, they say, some hits too. But the madness came with a flurry of shots fired at the property. There is talk of at least five, prior to the escape.

In those circumstances, in the midst of the despair that gripped the scene, they realized that Silva had fallen to the ground and there was blood on his face.

That is why they picked her up, loaded her into a car and took her to the San Martín Polyclinic, although she arrived dead.

“He had a bullet in the head,” was the explanation of the doctors.

The spokespersons consulted by this newspaper explained that the woman was presumably sleeping when the altercation occurred and that, upon getting up due to the noises coming from the street, she was hit by one of the projectiles.

For his part, one of the guests, identified as Nahuel David Gianelli (21), suffered a wound from the impact of a projectile on his left leg, for which he had to be referred to a health center, although without risks to his health.


In the midst of the anguish of the relatives and relatives of the murdered woman, personnel from the Patrol Command and from the 16th section, approached the home to collect data.

Shortly after, the criminal prosecutor in charge of La Plata, Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta, notified of the case, an intense search was launched, which ended with five suspects arrested. Four young men and one girl.

The defendants are between 18 and 24 years old and now the Justice is trying to determine their roles and responsibilities in the event to eventually define the charges against them.

Simple homicide, it should be noted, has an expected sentence of between 8 and 25 years in prison.

In light of events, it will be necessary to see if Condomí Alcorta defines the application of some aggravating circumstance, which could even have a greater sanction.

It is assumed that the shooter was one of the five defendants, but in the event of a necessary participation in the attack, which resulted in the death of a woman, they could receive the same sentence.

The prosecutor has 24 hours, from the moment of the homicide, to convert the situation of apprehension of those captured into detention.

According to the official report, one is from Berisso, two from the neighborhood where the victim lived and the rest, for the time being, have not released data.

The requirement, once formulated, will be evaluated by the guarantee judge Guillermo Federico Atencio.


In Villa Alba, as was said, the pain is deep.

No one can believe what happened, much less Lilia’s unfair departure.

It was learned that she had five children, not all the product of the same relationship, and that she worked as a housewife.

His current partner, Mario, retired by profession and who knew how to carry out tasks as a taxi driver, is one of the most affected by what happened.

Last night, from 9:00 p.m., Lilia’s remains began to be veiled in a garage at 120 and 79 and it was indicated that at noon today they will be transferred to the Municipal Cemetery.

With Silva’s crime, there are already six that have occurred in La Plata so far this year, at a rate of one every 12 days.

The first murder occurred in Melchor Romero, on Calle 156 between 529 and 530, on January 1st. The victim, who received 13 stab wounds, was a woman and the detainee was her ex-husband.

On the 30th of that same month, on Calle 65 between 9 and 10, a policeman who works as a delivery man defended himself from an attack by several motorcycles and killed one of them with a bullet to the chest.

On February 2, another woman targeted by a femicide attack died. It happened in a house in the town of Arana.

On February 22, a 26-year-old man was murdered on the corner of 38th and 139th. He was shot from a moving motorcycle.

On February 24, meanwhile, a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death. It happened in 150 between 71 and 72.

Lastly, the sixth murder occurred at dawn yesterday in Villa Alba, where Lilia Mavel Silva was shot in the head.

Lilia Mavel Silva


Without wanting to reveal their identities, the residents of the neighborhood where the crime of the 57-year-old housewife occurred, said that violence and crime have ruled their streets for quite some time.

So much so that in the last few hours they tried to rob the business of one of the victim’s children.

The premises, it was indicated, is located a few meters from the family home.

“This is terrible. Since the coronavirus pandemic they released a lot of jets and the only one who was dedicated to running them, “El Rodilla”, they put him inside. Beyond the fact that we do not defend or endorse what he did, at least he had codes. He didn’t mess with the people in the neighborhood, ”they concluded with a certain irony.


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