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Being a mother is overwhelming. The birth of a child makes the world change. It opens up a sea of ​​wonderful new possibilities. But it also brings with it great responsibilities, insecurities, endless worries. The children’s needs are so emerging that the mother runs the risk of forgetting herself. And the famous guilt, so often incited by the judgments of others, insists on making a home in a mother’s heart. “Aren’t you going back to work? And you still breastfeed? Are you going to daycare?”.

Filipa Gomes

But does being a mother really have to be like this? Does it necessarily imply giving up big dreams, an important part of yourself? Spoiler alert: no, it does not imply.

“I don’t feel like I’ve given up on big dreams. Of course, there are little things that get in the way. But if, looking back, I don’t remember them, it’s because they weren’t that important”, guarantees Filipa Gomes, proud mother of Julieta and Viriato. But also a cook, TV presenter, content creator, cookbook author and more. “We realize that we are super plastic, that we can adapt and that there are other new things that are being born”, she explains.

Yolanda Tati

That’s exactly what Chicco wants to prove with the campaign #motherAndmuchmore. The aim is to celebrate women and all that they are capable of at all levels. Show that being a mother and being a woman are not irreconcilable roles. Quite the opposite.

In this context, Chicco brought together ten women in a interview cycle. They are mothers and women in different phases of motherhood, with different histories, experiences and professions. The result is ten intimate videos sharing experiences, challenges and learning that many mothers will identify with. The judgment of others, postpartum depression, the pressure of the “perfect mother” are just some of the topics covered.

Marcia D’Orey

Being a mother and much more
“I’m a mother, but I’m also a businesswoman, I’m also a friend, I’m also a daughter, I’m also a sister. It’s impossible to be just one, you can’t. I wouldn’t even be happy if I were just a mother”, guarantees Carolina Henke, mother of three boys and more.

Even because motherhood does not prevent great achievements. “The great achievement comes from the way I manage to stay true to myself and present in every moment”, explains Leonardo’s mother, entrepreneur, creator and so much more, Yolanda Tati.

And when do you have to get to everything? For Márcia d’Orey, one of the fundamental issues is managing the energies and expectations of others. “I make choices. I don’t go everywhere, I’m not with everyone. I always chose to stay at home more. I’m not much for being out. I’m more managing my energy. That’s why I seem to be able to do everything. But no, it’s a matter of choice”, says Juliette and Pilar’s mother, who is also a dancer, make-up artist, among many other things.

Carolina Henke

Addressing another of the great challenges of motherhood, Vera Castro, manager of one of the Chicco stores and mother of Madalena and Francisca, says that the secret to dealing with judgments is to act naturally. “I have already felt judged for choosing to work, for being the father who stays with them when they are sick. But I think it has to be normalized. If we don’t take that step, if we don’t act naturally, if we don’t stop feeling guilty about a situation that we’re not to blame, that will never change. The ideal is to act naturally”.

These are stories like these, real and in the first person, that Chicco wants to make known. Testimonies in which any mother can recognize herself and in which she finds a word of understanding, complicity and inspiration. Ambassadors Filipa Gomes, Carolina Henke, Márcia D’Orey and Yolanda Tati were joined by Filipa Leite, Inês Lopes, Mafalda Fernandes, Raquel Barra, Solange Marques and Vera Castro as protagonists of this cycle of interviews. All different, all inspiring, all resilient. Women, mothers and more.


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