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Surely, if in recent times you have thought about changing your vehicle, it has crossed your mind to buy an electric one, since, after all, it is the future of the automotive industry or at least that is how they make us see it from the Car Brands.

The truth is that the expansion of this technology seems unstoppable, because there are few brands left on the market that do not offer at least one model of this type in their catalogue.

The problem comes when the pros and cons of having an electric car in the garage begin to be compiled, a time when doubts arise enormously, especially if you are not a person who is excessively a follower of the automotive world.

We want to help you in your choice, especially if you urgently need to change your car, reviewing all the good and positive aspects of having a vehicle powered by electricity, as well as what is not so good about this type of car.

From there we will draw the pertinent conclusions, always from the most absolute impartiality, especially because we believe that it is the best way to help you.

Reasons to buy an electric car

Obviously, there are multiple reasons to consider buying an electric car and even more so today, as all brands have opted for this type of vehicle and surely some such model will have it in their catalogue.

As usual, there are some that are more advanced in this regard than others, but that does not mean that those who have just incorporated this type of technology do it in a worse way.

But possibly there is a question that you have ever asked yourself Why do brands bet on this technology so decisively?

The truth is that it is a combination of several circumstances, such as the fact that it is the green technology more advanced and less costly to establish, which has a incredible room for improvement (we are still in its beginnings), the good public acceptance compared to other solutions
and that the public administrations They have also bet heavily on it.

Precisely for all this is why the electric car has so much present, but above all so much future, since we will see how in a few years this technology has little to do with what lies ahead.

But without going into the future, buying an electric car today has many advantages and would be a good option for many reasons.

ecology first

The level of emissions of an electric car is zeroso ecology is achieved, since we manage to devour kilometers being totally green.

We already know that combustion vehicles are a constant source of emissions, so everything indicates that, if we want to fight climate changemany of our efforts go through the massive use of this type of transport.

Energy efficiency

For this to be better understood, we must comment that a combustion engine is close to 50% of the use of the energy it can generate.

In a electric vehicle This use is much greater, since it is around 90% of the energy it generates. But it is that an electric motor also has systems that recover energy, something unthinkable in a combustion engine.

The roads of the future will be able to charge electric cars

Recharging it is cheaper

This is another point where the electric wins by a landslide to any of combustionno matter how little the latter consumes.

According to recently calculated data. If we make constant use of the vehicle and recharge it for 30 days on a home charger, we would have a cost of approximately 98 euros per month for a power of 3.45 kW and about 110 euros with a power of 6.9 kW.

If we compare it with its equivalence in gasoline or diesel, doing 3,000 km per month, assuming an average consumption of 6 and 5 liters per 100 kilometers and a price of 1,549 and 1,409 euros per liter respectively, the result would be that the gasoline car would spend 278, 82 euros and diesel 211.35 euros.

Exemption from taxes and freedom of movement in large cities

The exception of taxes such as registration or circulation is another point in favor of the battery-powered vehicle.

On the other hand, having the DGT label 0 makes it possible to circulate freely in cities that have restrictions on movement such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Government aid

When we go to buy an electric car at the dealership, they inform us of the government aid, which is made to encourage us to take a car of this type.

Currently, the Moves III Plan can be grouped into two main parts:

  • The first are €4,500 for the fact of buying a battery car.
  • The second causes that amount to rise to €7,000as long as you have a combustion vehicle over 10 years old for scrapping.
  • In addition, these aids will increase by 10% for those registered in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants or people with reduced mobility.

It is a pity that these aids are not direct, since once you have bought the car you have to request them and they are not exactly quick to arrive, since it seems that on average you have to wait a year.

In any case, there are brands that advance these aids to the buyer.

Are you planning to buy an electric car to complete long trips? There are important things you should know, because they go far beyond autonomy.

when driving

We also have certain advantages when it comes to driving it due to its qualities, its way of delivering energy, the maintenance that must be done in the future or future depreciation.

These other advantages that encompass everything that has to do with driving and with the fact that you already have it in your hands are:

  • Comfort: it is a vehicle without any noise, since the only thing you will hear is the effect of the air and the rolling of the tires, in addition to the fact that it does not vibrate when we are stopped. All this contributes to greater comfort of use.
  • Driving: They are extremely easy vehicles to drive, since it is only a matter of accelerating and braking, nothing more. Well, from time to time put the reverse gear to park.
  • Maintenance: maintenance is much cheaper than any combustion car. Keep in mind that there is no need to change the oil, replace the clutch or keep an eye on the timing belt. The warranty periods are much longer than in normal cars, it must be for a reason.
  • Depreciation: For all that we discussed, a vehicle of this type loses much less money over the years than combustion vehicles.

Reasons not to buy an electric car

As is evident there is also reasons not to buy an electric carsince there are still some gaps, we are sure that in the future they will be corrected, but today they are quite significant, especially for those who do many kilometers by road.

In addition, logistics is also something that has a lot to say in this whole issue and unfortunately it is something that does not measure up.

The negative points to buy an electric may be less than the positive ones, but they are extremely forceful or even insurmountable depending on each case.

The problem of long trips

With a few exceptions, which usually coincide with the most expensive electric cars, the rest is included between 200 and 400 kilometers of real autonomy.

This is a figure that seems very scarce if we are people who usually travel. But to this we must add a lack of infrastructure in Spain Quite considerable, especially if we talk about fast charging chargers, that in 30 minutes you have 80% of the battery charged.

These two facts, the lack of autonomy and infrastructure, mean that for many the electric car is still a pipe dream.

electric car charger

Chargers and types of electric car charging: Not all charge equally fast

Price of the vehicle and charging point at home

The electric cars are expensive, this is a fact, so we can add it to the previous point. Many people are still suspicious of these vehicles because the sum of little autonomy, few recharging points and high purchase price, squeaks them too much.

The government aid make that difference, with equal equipment with the combustion version, is minimized, but we must remember that not a direct help. That is, you have to ask for it and currently this process it takes about a year in becoming effective.

To this expense we must add the installation, if we want, of a charging point at home. A wallbox, that is, a wall charger, costs about 1,000 euros to install.

So, would I buy an electric today?

If you allow me, I will give you my personal opinion,, which does not mean that it has the absolute truth, far from it.

If we are talking about a car with a real autonomy of 350-400 kilometers and if our radius of action is limited, that is, we are hardly going to go more than 100 or 200 kilometers from where we live, the electric car is going to compensate us clear. As if we are people who never leave the city, where even with less autonomy we could function.

If these numbers are not met or our parents are far away, to give you an example, the electric car is not for us. We could be very comfortable if we only use it to go to work, but once we have to go out, it can become an odyssey, especially if we are in an area with few fast charging points.

If you can afford a vehicle with 600 kilometers of autonomypossibly any of the problems mentioned above evaporates, since it is a good amount of kilometers to, planning the trip, find fast and effective recharging points.

For consumption, comfort, maintenance, driving and ecology it is very worth it, but the problem of autonomy and the recharging points are still too powerful how to ignore them.

On a personal level, I recently changed my car, and after weighing it up I decided to buy a combustion car (an SUV), since an electric one is still not worth it, since from time to time I make long trips and with 350 kilometers little I have to do.


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