The agreement the government with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) passed his first test against the Congress. The half sanction on the Camera from deputies gave rise to the treatment of draft at Senate. It is in this framework that Alberto Fernandez could start playing future on the Pink House: is between debate in the upper house and the role of the vice president Cristina Kirchner.

It is that as of Monday, the Senate will treat the project with the aim of voting on it at the end of next week. Despite the “partial victory”, the debate will take place after the vice president described the approval of it in Deputies as an “immense shame” and after the crossfire between Kirchner leaders, such as Andres ‘the Raven’ Larroqueand kidney officials of the President, just as the minister has become Hannibal Fernandez.

What will Kirchnerism do?

Anticipating the event, the official senator Jose Mayans He announced that there will not be a block vote, but that “the decision made by each senator will be respected” and he avoided advancing his position. In other words, the senators of the Frente de Todos will be free to vote on the article that approves the agreement reached by the Executive Branch. According to Mayans, the situation is similar to that of Deputies, in which The Campora voted against the agreement.

During the session in the lower house, the camp leader Maximo Kirchner He did not accompany the agreement, but was absent during the entire debate and his colleagues in the political space did not intervene in the discussion. A pretty hard blow for the Government that, during the week, worked with the head of Deputies, Serge Massathrough to close the agreement and win the long-awaited half sanction.

The President’s reaction

After what happened, from Chile, Alberto Fernández once again described the understanding as the “best possible” negotiated with the IMF and called for an internal reflection on those who did not support the bill with their vote. It is that in the face of recent events, the Frente de Todos is becoming increasingly weakened and fragmented. The lines of dialogue between the main referents of the coalition seem to be more limited.

In this framework, the discontent of Albertism is becoming more and more noticeable. Added to this is the pressure that the President of the Nation himself has to constantly relaunch a government that he seems damaged. In fact, this appears to be the “abc” of the Front of All. Will the President be able to carry out an economic plan without the support of those who pushed him to take office?

The step by step of the agreement with the IMF in the Senate

Senator Mayans communicated that Cristina Kirchner’s decision is to advance quickly and expeditiously with the treatment of the agreement in the Senate. As in Deputies, this Monday the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman; the chief of staff, John Manzur; the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce; and the head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (Afip), Mercedes Marco del Pont.

The representatives of the Executive Branch will explain the content of the project to the senators, although it will be different from what happened in the Lower House, since the original text was reduced, as agreed by the ruling party and the opposition last Wednesday. Meanwhile, this time the governors are not expected to attend Congress. Nor businessmen, trade unionists and social organizations. The idea is that on Tuesday, in committee, an opinion is given and on Wednesday, the session begins. If something is delayed, it will happen by Thursday.


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