The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, clarified this Wednesday that his request to lower the heating in the houses to cut economic ties with Russia it is not addressed to the Spaniards, because Spain does not receive Russian gas.

“Our gas comes from elsewhere, therefore, my advice or request that people save gas so as not to have to import more Russian gas is not for the Spanish, because the Spanish do not consume Russian gas. But for the rest of Europe yes”, Borrell said in an interview on the program The objective, of La Sexta, collected by Europa Press.

In this sense, Borrell affirmed that “we have to stop paying Mr. Putin the 700 million euros that we pay you every day for the gas, for the oil and for the coal that it exports to the countries dependent on these products”. “With that he feeds the army”, said.

Borrell insisted that a “quite elementary” way to do it is consuming less. “One degree less temperature at home is a 7% saving on Russian gas. Two degrees less is 14% less. Refugees are much colder. I think it’s a perfectly possible solidarity effort,” he said.

The “important” role of China

On the other hand, Borrell pointed out that China could play, if it wanted, “an important role” in resolving the war, since “nobody has more influence over Russia”, and for Ukraine “it would not be a bad solution”, informs Efe.

Borrell said that the conflict will continue as long as no a diplomatic solution, “which is nowhere near” right now, and that Thursday’s meeting in Turkey of the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, and Russia, Sergey Lavrov, “is a first step.”

“You have to find countries that are not involved in the conflict. If China wanted to, it could play an important role in the solution. of this conflict,” he said.

NATO “will not enter” the war

The EU representative also assured that “at no time is NATO going to enter the war”, because what they are trying to avoid is that the conflict spreads, so if NATO participated in the conflict “it would be the third world war, a nuclear war”.

In this sense, Borrell described “enormous irresponsibility” the threats that they are launching “nuclear buttons” and assured that Europe is not going to enter that game.

According to Borrell, Russia has not achieved its military objectives of occupying Kiev and “wiping out” the Ukrainian army, and now the only thing the Russians are doing is “what they know how to do, which is bomb, bomb and bomb,” as they did in Syria and in Chechnya.

Ukraine’s “extraordinary resistance”

Borrell praised the “extraordinary resistance” that Ukraine and its army are offering to Russia: “The Ukrainian army and the people of Ukraine is resisting as Putin did not expect it to, not even we expected it,” he said, adding that as long as they have weapons, that resistance will continue.

A) Yes. the EU representative said that Europe is doing “everything possible” so that weapons arrive “as soon as possible”, but that it is a complicated logistical operation in which the EU, which does not have weapons, what it is doing is coordinating in the most efficient way possible the shipment of the weapons that its countries contribute so that Ukraine can continue resisting.

The situation in Chernobyl

Regarding Chernobyl, Borrell assured that at the moment the situation of the nuclear power plant “it is not as alarming” or as serious as it could be, “but it can be” if there is no electricity supply that maintains the cooling of the plant.

“There There is a huge risk although the issue is controlled, but it can get worse,” he said.

The sanctions approved by the EU, indicated Borrell, on the other hand, are going to do “a lot of damage to Putin, they are going to hurt him a lot”, but “they are not going to stop the war tomorrow, nor the day after.”


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