Half of humanity held its breath yesterday after listening to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assure that a third world war would be “nuclear and devastating” a week after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukrainian territory. “The third world war would be nuclear and devastating.” US President Joe Biden, an experienced man, had commented that the alternative to war is only sanctions, but Lavrov, according to information from Russian news agencies, warns that the answers to them would be nuclear war. He stressed that the only alternative to the imposition of sanctions would be the “start of the third world war”. Lavrov also stressed that the status of the Crimean peninsula is non-negotiable. “Crimea is part of Russia and it is not negotiable,” he insisted, while Moscow continues to mercilessly punish the residents of the main Ukrainian cities, where the tide of displaced people is already approaching a million in a humanitarian catastrophe of dimensions yet to be known.

These Russian allusions to a possible nuclear holocaust were practically taboo until Russian President Vladimir Putin himself alluded to the alerting of his nuclear deterrent forces. After the Cold War, the powers opted for progressive disarmament, although Russia and the United States continue to have in their arsenals legacies of a military strategy that conceived of destroying the enemy at any cost.

Be that as it may, Moscow’s ferocious aggression against the defenseless Ukrainian civilian population and a commendable resistance but light years away from the military potential of the invaders is the only answer to Russia’s obvious defeats in terms of propaganda, since the international community has overwhelmingly favored Ukraine. In its calculations on the reaction of the West, Russia did not anticipate that the member countries of the EU would agree to fight back on the financial front, where the Russians do not even come close to being among the most powerful.

The United Nations General Assembly yesterday adopted a resolution condemning the invasion of Ukraine in a special emergency session, the eleventh of the body in its history and the first since more than four decades ago the same was done due to the Golan crisis . The resolution passed with the support of 141 countries, while five – Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea – voted against it. For their part, 35 -including China, India, Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan or Vietnam- abstained.


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