Pokémon fans thought they were in for a treat. However, Pixelmon, the video game that has generated great expectations, is now the laughingstock of the entire community and its NFT creatures its main reason.

Pixelmon will be (and hopefully still will be) a open world RPG set in the world of Edenwhere Pixelmon (similar to Pokemon) are caught, traded, and sold as NFTs.

Owners of those NFTs will receive a piece of land where, after the game launches at the end of the year, they will be able to build living spaces or create shops and become in-game merchants.

The premise? developers released a collection of 10,000 Pixelmon NFTs in February 2022, raising $70 million. However, here comes the problem: the team has unveiled the Pixelmon that are going to inhabit the world. We leave them here below so you can get an idea of ​​why they are now a total meme.

If we contextualize a bit, we are talking about an incredibly publicized project, linked to an ambitious game. The team behind the project sold the collection through a Dutch auction, in which the price started at 3 ethers (about $9,000) and lowered 0.1 ethers every 10 minutes until the last NFT was exhausted.

The team raised over $70 million with the sale. It should be clarified that the advertised NFTs were in this way and honestly, considering that Bored Apes exist, they seemed quite attractive.

NFT art collections typically have a scheduled minting date (primary sale) and a reveal date a few days later (Saturday, February 26). Revealing it reveals what NFTs have been obtained (a bit like Pokémon cards).

What they got you can already imagine. The art for which many had spent more than 9,000 dollars, it was bad enough to become an instant meme.

However, this does not stop here, since the price of the collection also sank. The minimum price (the cheapest of an NFT in the collection on the OpenSea market) is 0.39 ether, that is, 1,500 dollars.

Syber, the pseudonymous creator of Pixelmon, admitted that the reveal didn’t go well on the project’s Discord server (where the reveal was made).

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it: we’ve made a horrible mistake”Syber wrote on Discord. “This is unacceptable. We felt pressured to push the reveal and the reality is that we weren’t prepared to push the artwork. This doesn’t represent the brand and we will fix this as we have disappointed a lot of people with this reveal.”

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He said $2 million will be spent to completely renovate the art.

Although it is true that they have inadvertently created a meme, Kevin, the NFT that appears in the cover photo on the right. So much fandom has generated around him that Kevin Pixelmon’s minimum price is 4.75 ether ($13,900). Not only that, Kevin has become the star of his own derivative art collections.


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