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Prosecutor Carlos Sale awaits a judicial resolution to define the procedural situation of Sergio Kaleñuk, another of those accused of the crime of Paulina Lebbos. The investigator pointed out that there is sufficient evidence to accuse him of the femicide of the student, but his defenders believe that he should be dismissed.

Patricio Char and Fernando Poviña, who represent the son of the former government official of José Alperovich, based their claims on two reasons: the case against him expired because he is not a public official and because he cannot be charged with a cover-up, a crime that he was acquitted before the Justice ordered that he be investigated again.

Prosecutor Diego López Ávila, when requesting that the case be brought to trial, requested that Kaleñuk be dismissed for concealment, considering that there was no evidence against him. The already retired investigating judge Víctor Manuel Pérez did not accept the proposal, so Sale, who at that time was a Chamber prosecutor, had to resolve the discrepancy. And his opinion was that there were no elements to accuse him of that crime, so he was dismissed. However, in his resolution he stressed that he hoped that elements would emerge in the hearings so that the truth would be discovered.

The judge of the conclusive regime Raúl Cardozo rejected the argument of the defenders. Kaleñuk’s lawyers appealed his decision. The file is in the hands of Judge Wendy Kassar, who must resolve the issue.

But the list of suspects does not end with Soto and Kaleñuk. There are two others mentioned in the case: Esteban Gómez and Ernesto Atim. Both have already been notified that they will be investigated for the crime, a measure that allowed the prescription of the case to be suspended. But it is also true that the prosecutor Sale at the moment has no elements to charge them with the crime.

Gómez is the brother of Roberto, the only one who came to trial charged with the murder, but who was acquitted by the benefit of the doubt. He was targeted by investigators after it was found that he had used Paulina’s cell phone. If he is accused of femicide, his procedural situation should be defined with the new criminal procedure code, since the Supreme Court of Justice of the Province ordered that all cases in which minors were involved must be resolved with the new digest.

Atim was involved in the sale of chips that were placed in the young woman’s cell phone. There is no other strong evidence against him.

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