More than a thousand people gathered at the gates of the City Council of Linares (Jaén) to protest against the motion of censure presented this Thursday by PSOE, IU and CILU-Linares against the mayor of Ciudadanos, Raul Caro-Accinowhich governs in coalition with the Popular Party (PP).

Members of the local government with Caro-Accino, at the head, showed with this protest called through social networks their opposition to a motion of censure, while they have attacked the three CILU councilors, who were described as “traitors” .

CILU-Linares was key to the outcome of the motion, just as it was in 2019 with a pact with Ciudadanos and the PP to form a government that broke up in January 2021. All this, after PSOE and Izquierda Unida had reached prior agreement on the motion.

In this way, the 3 groups initially have enough support so that the motion of censure can go ahead by adding 13 of the 25 members of the Linares Corporation. The plenary session of the motion will be held next March 11th.

Leaders of the provincial PP have also participated in the protest before the City Council, including its president, Erik Dominguezand the general coordinator, Luis Mariano Camachowho previously, at a press conference, has appealed to the “responsibility” of CILU-Linares because there is still “an opportunity” to “stop” the motion of censure that has been described by the popular as “unjustified” and “unfair” .

Along the same lines, the mayor, after hearing about the presentation of the motion of censure, appeared at a press conference and called for the individual responsibility of the signatories of the motion of censure to “stop this barbarity”, while offered PSOE, IU and CILU “outstretched hand” to work “all together for Linares.”

Caro-Accino urged the signatories to listen to the cry of the citizens so that they desist from a motion that goes “against the city of Linares.”

In the municipal elections of 2019, the PSOE obtained eight councilors, compared to the five that the PP obtained, another five Citizens; three, CILU-Linares; two, Linares Futuro and two others, IU. Finally, there was a government pact between Cs, PP and CILU.

However, this last formation left the local government a little over a year ago before the remodeling proposed by Caro-Accino, in his opinion, unilaterally and without negotiation, so that it represented a de facto rupture of the agreement. Since then, the ten mayors of Ciudadanos and the Popular Party have governed the City Council of the second most populous city in the province of Jaén as a minority.


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