The Russian siege in Ukraine continues. The Ukrainian Army has fought this morning in the streets of Kiev against the Russian units that have intensified the attacks and could take the capital in the next few hours. In addition, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed more than 800 Ukrainian military targets with cruise missiles in the rest of the territory.

Russian and Ukrainian forces clashed early on Saturday in the Ukrainian capital. In addition, throughout the night explosions have been heard in Kiev that, according to local authorities, are due to Russia trying to attack a thermal power plant in Troieshchyna, in the north of the capital.

A Russian column, which would be made up of tanks, trucks and other military vehicles, has in turn tried to advance in the Berestéiskaya metro area, on Victory Avenue. That is the red metro line that leads to the heart of this city of three million inhabitants.

Emergency teams transport an injured person after an explosion in Kiev.


According to the Ukrainian authorities, Russian airborne forces would have landed at an airfield in the town of Vasilkov, which is less than 40 kilometers from Kiev.

Likewise, a column of about a hundred Russian armored vehicles is advancing towards Kiev from the Víshgorod region, located north of the Ukrainian capital, according to local media.

“be cautious”

Given the emergency situation in the capital, the Kiev mayor’s office has recommended that the city’s inhabitants not go out on the street, nor look out of the windows or balconies of their buildings.

“Intense military actions are currently taking place in the streets of our city. Keep calm and be very careful“, the City Council reported in a statement, while anti-aircraft alarms sounded in the city to ask citizens to get into shelters.

However, this morning, a Russian projectile has hit a residential building in Kiev, as reported by the State Emergency Service in a statement.

“One more brutality of the Russian occupiers that, in no way, can be hidden from the world and the Russians,” wrote Anton Guerashchenko, adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.

the ukrainian authorities they have accused the Russian Army of aiming at populated areas and not only at military targetsas the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry assure, since the beginning of the invasion in the early hours of Thursday.

The street of Kiev after the explosion in the residential building.

The street of Kiev after the explosion in the residential building.


Russia destroys targets

“Overnight the Russian Armed Forces used high-precision weapons against Ukraine’s military infrastructurewhich they destroyed with land and naval cruise missiles,” the Russian Defense Ministry has detailed.

“Among them 14 military airfields, 19 checkpoints and communications, 24 anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 and Osa, 48 radar stations,” details the spokesman, Igor Konashenkov.

In addition, it has reported the shooting down of seven Ukrainian planes, seven helicopters and nine drones, and the annihilation of eight combat boats. “We wiped out 87 tanks and armored vehicles, 28 multiple launchers, and 118 military vehicles and equipment,” he added.

According to Konashenkov, Russian forces have taken the city of Melitopollocated in the south of Ukraine, where “they take all measures to ensure the safety of the civilian population and avoid provocations by the Ukrainian intelligence services and nationalists.”

In particular, he has accused the latter of applying the “scorched earth” strategy and destroying electrical substations and bridges in their retreat.

Advance of Lugansk and Donetsk

The spokesman for Defense has also highlighted the advance of Luhansk and Donetsk separatist militiaswhich have Russian military support.

According to Konashenkov, the militiamen of the self-proclaimed republic of Lugansk have advanced 30 kilometers since the beginning of the Russian operation and control the towns of Bakhmutovka and Grechishkino, while the militias of Donetsk advanced six kilometers in the direction of the town of Novomáyskoye.

For his part, despite offers from the United States to leave the country, the Ukrainian president, Volodomir Zelenski, remains in his post and has rejected the offer.

At midnight, Zelensky warned of the assault “on all fronts” and that “the enemy” would use “all available forces: vile, cruel and inhuman.” At the same time he launched a request: not lose Kiev.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has explained that during the last day losses of enemy troops increased, reporting the shooting down of 14 planes and 8 helicopters and the destruction of 102 tanks and 536 armored vehicles. According to the Ukrainian military entity, the Russians would have lost in combat more than 3,000


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