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Without a doubt, her role as Lidia in the acclaimed “Rose’s wedding” of 2020, streaming soon for Latin America, was a before and after in the career of Paula Useropreviously recognized for her role as Luisita in “Love is forever” and the spinoff #Luimelia. The same actress recognizes this when she looks back and even without fully believing it, she tells us that the Spanish film and television industry is recognizing her work.

Soon to release a new movie, “full of grace” in which she plays a nun named angels, Paula is getting ready to star in two series in the coming months. Of these immediate projects and the long-awaited season 5 of #Luimelia, a topic that it is inevitable not to talk about, we chatted, via telephone, with the Valencian actress.

-More than a year has passed since “Rosa’s wedding”, which now reaches Latin America through streaming. What could you tell us about this character for which you were nominated for no less than a Goya?

Paula: This character is a girl who dares to leave home like many of us do in order to achieve the dream of our lives and to be able to live what our hearts tell us is how we have to live it. What happens is that when she arrives in England she realizes that not everything is as she expected, it is much more difficult.

In addition, she is a graphic designer and it is very complicated to work there and then she falls in love with a boy and has two babies, then she finds that she is outside her country, far from her family. That she has not fulfilled the dream for which she left there and she feels alone and in the end she is submerged in a very heavy postpartum depression from which she is not able to get out, so she needs to return to the family nucleus, to the origin, as if to be healed

Paula Usero as Lidia in "Rosa
Paula Usero as Lidia in “Rosa’s wedding”.

-And not only the life of your character but that of Rosa herself is such a real issue, so important and at the same time it is as if it was overlooked.

I think that everyone can feel reflected in Rosa’s character not only because you want to marry yourself or because you’re sick of people. There are just a lot of people who are like that.

Even me, for example, who gives a lot, a lot to others and the time comes when what the hell! You’re not even thinking about yourself, if I feel like doing this plan or this dinner, I’m doing it because people get together, because people are happy, but there are many times when you leave yourself behind.

So I think it’s a very good film that helps you reflect on large scales, as is the case with Rosa, and in the end we make movies for that, so that the message sinks in and makes you think and makes you see around you if it’s like in that movie.

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Paula Usero in "Rosa
Paula Usero in “Rosa’s Wedding”

I saw the movie and I liked it. You feel a very nice connection between you and Candela Peña.

Yes! The truth is that we knew each other and when I did the casting with Icíar and Mireia Juárez, the casting director, they told me: the protagonist is Candela and I said: My goodness! a dream to meet this person and work with her, of course. And that is very nice because this film has given me great life companions. I talk a lot with Candela, with Nathalie (Poza) also when we see each other, we talk a lot.

It’s like no time has passed. We really are like a family nucleus and at the end of everything the most important thing is the people you stay with, right? I always try, as in all projects, to stay with people because in the end it is beautiful.

Because Icíar also has a very good thing, she knows how to do puzzles of people very well, she does it with great criteria and from the beginning in rehearsals we already seemed like a family from minute one.

Icíar Bollaín, during the filming of "Rosa
Icíar Bollaín, during the filming of “Rosa’s Wedding”. Photo: NATXO MARTINEZ

-After more than a year of having premiered it, do you see this experience differently from how you lived it at that time?

What has changed is that after this movie, 2021 for me professionally was very good. I was publicly recognized for many things, which in the end also drives you forward and above all at a particular level of oneself, to say, well, yes, I am good for this. And I am being publicly recognized for this work. And to this day I still think that I am a spectator of this, that it has not happened to me because I have not been able to enjoy it seriously.

So I think that, as it has given me greater visibility and as it placed me in a place that I did not have before. A place in this universe of acting and cinema and series but then, professionally, it’s that I haven’t had more work either for having been nominated for a Goya or for having made this film. I keep doing casting tests, I keep fighting to do tests, I keep fighting to do series. There are really people that I love because they say: surely it has changed your life. Well, the truth is that no, I’m still the same, I still have the same tests, the same castings and nobody calls me directly. Very rarely does this happen when they call you directly to offer you something.

-Let’s talk about Sister Angelines, your new character in the movie “Full of Grace”

I can’t say much, but I think Angelines is a very good person, very honest, full of tenderness and fragility. He is a little bookworm and what he really needs is a guide and he gets that guide with the arrival of Sister María who is Carmen (Machi).

-When it premieres?

July 8th.

-And will it be presented at festivals?

Of course! It will be presented in Malaga but it will not go to official competition. And we’re going to close, that is, on March 26 it will be seen for the first time and then I suppose there will be a preview and things like that, but I don’t know when.

-And do you have any new projects after this film?

Yes, it’s a project that I’m starting now in April, which is going to take me a couple of months and then there’s something else, but I can’t say much either, haha!

Paula Usero with the cast of "Full of Grace".  Photo: Instagram Paula Usero
Paula Usero with the cast of “Full of Grace”. Photo: Instagram Paula Usero

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Are they series, movies?

They are going to be series but 2023 may arrive loaded with the world of cinema. I do not know, we’ll see.

-It is inevitable to ask you about the future of #Luimelia. Do you have any message for the fans who don’t lose hope for a new season?

We do not lose hope and we know that these things on television are suddenly yes and then no and then they call you again to say yes. So, well, let’s not lose hope. We feel that it is like an episode of our life that has not been closed because we did not know that it had to be closed. So I hope that those who have to decide, we trust that they also think so. That they say: we are going to rescue these girls and do something like the end and that it is already announced that it is the last one, right? Because it is true that if they don’t tell you that she’s going to be the last, you live it like one of the others. You enjoy it but I think that if you know that she is the last one you enjoy it in a different way. So we don’t lose hope but it’s difficult because we don’t have information, we don’t know.

-Are you coming to Peru? You dare?

Yes, but you don’t invite me. There is no intention to take me to some festival, haha! That they have taken Nathalie Poza to the Punta del Este Festival, so you have to take me to present the film. A festival, something, of course! LOL!

-Many successes Paula, thanks for your time.

You too. Bye.


-“Rosa’s Wedding” has been announced by Star+ as one of its upcoming releases.

-The four seasons of #Luimelia are available in ATRESplayer Premium

-“The cook of Castamar”, in which Paula Usero participates, can be seen on Netflix



“La boda de Rosa”, the new Paula Usero, premieres in Latin America on Star+

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