The Russian President, Vladimir Putinhas ordered his Army a massive attack «in all directions» to conquer Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, as soon as possible. The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the resumption of the military offensive in Ukrainewhich will resume “by land, sea and air” after the alleged rejection of the president Volodymyr Zelensky to the proposal for dialogue put forward from Moscow.

Shortly after the Kremlin claimed that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putinn, gave an order to paralyze operations on Friday to give negotiations a chance, the Ministry of Defense has made it clear that the war does not cease.

“After the Ukrainian side abandoned the negotiation process, all units have been ordered to advance in all directions according to the operational plan», said a spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, according to the Sputnik news agency.

Moscow’s version contrasts with that of Kiev, which has clarified that it has not rejected the negotiations but the requirements set by the Russian authorities.

Both sides also disagree about the effects that this war is having on the civilian population. The Ukrainian Government has informed this Saturday of the death of nearly 200 civilians from the start of the invasion.

For its part, Konashenkov has reiterated that there are no attacks on residential areas. “I stress again that the Russian Armed Forces they do not carry out any attacks on the residential neighborhoods of Ukrainian cities,” he said.


The Government of Ukraine has accused Russia this Saturday of distorting the term “genocide” to justify an invasion of the country ordered, according to the Kremlin, to save the population of the self-proclaimed republics of Ukraine. Donetsk and Lugansk of the Ukrainian threat.

“Russia has cynically distorted the most important human rights commitments that the international community has adopted to justify its unfounded invasion of Ukraine,” the Ministry of Defense lamented. ukrainian foreign affairs.

The Ministry denounces Russia for a «brutal and unprecedented military aggression” protected by a “brazen and baseless” manipulation of the “very concept of genocide”, contrary to the definition stipulated in international historical conventions.

“Russia’s illegal actions and especially its justification by accusations of genocide are a disregard for the work of the entire international community to prevent and punish the world’s most serious crimes», says the Ministry.

«Russia’s lies are even more vulgar and ironic», adds the Ministry, before accusing Russia of precisely «planning» its own acts of genocide in Ukraine.

“Russia is deliberately killing and seriously injuring members of the Ukrainian people. To these actions must be added the rhetoric of the president (of Russia, Vladimir) Putinwhich denies the very existence of the Ukrainian people, and suggests deliberate killings for the purpose of genocide,” according to the note, collected by the Ukrinform news portal.

In fact, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kulebaassured this Friday that the Ukrainian authorities, together with the Prosecutor’s Office, are collecting evidence to denounce Russia for the alleged commission of war crimes before the International Criminal Court.

«Along with the Prosecutor’s Office, We are compiling this and other facts that we will immediately send to The Hague,” said Kuleba, who considered that “responsibility is inevitable.”

The Ukrainian army distributes 25,000 weapons to the population

The Ukrainian army has called on the population of Kiev to resist «by all means» the Russian attack while the Ministry of the Interior has confirmed the distribution of a total of 25,000 automatic weapons and more than 10 million rounds of ammunition among the population of the Ukrainian capital under the presumption that, as the president, Volodimir Zelenski, pointed out, «thousands of russian military» are already in the country.

The Ukrainian Interior Minister, Denis Monastirsky, has announced the delivery of the automatic weapons -along with other anti-tank weapons- in a video published this Saturday in which it assures that «Kiev will defend itself» and has also expressed his pride in the character of a population «organized and has not resorted to robbery or looting».


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