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After a long period of tension, according to the news published at the close of this edition, the Russian Federation has begun hostilities against the republic of Ukraine, in alleged support of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, formally members of the former, but with a strong presence of independence movements.

“I have made the decision of a special military operation,” he declared. Vladimir Putin in a television message in which he called on the Ukrainian military to “lay down their arms.” Images broadcast on television showed Russian troops entering Ukrainian territory and several press reports reported explosions in Kiev.

The conflict is located, in geographical terms, very far from us. Despite this, we cannot be indifferent to its development because in today’s globalized world, the effects of a war can have repercussions in all parts of the globe, regardless of where it takes place. register.

On the other hand, our country is a member of the international community and, at this moment, one of the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council, so, at least at the diplomatic level, we have a relevant participation in the discussion and development of efforts to maintain peace throughout the world.

Regardless of diplomacy, the effects that the armed conflict may have in that region of Europe are of reserved prognosis, since the hostilities would not be limited to the two countries directly involved but could drag, first of all, the entire old continent. and eventually the entire world.

There are not a few voices that have warned that the Ukrainian-Russian conflict could be the spark that unleashes the third world war and if this happens, even when Mexico is not directly involved in the hostilities, the Government of the Republic must take precautions and determine an action plan in the face of the global consequences of a conflict of this type.

As in any conflagration, in the end there will be winners and losers. Being in one classification or the other should not depend on chance, but on a series of calculated decisions made by the Government of the Republic, not only to assume discursive positions on the subject, but also to minimize the negative effects that may derive from it and, eventually, take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

It is, in essence, about working in a two-ring circus: acting responsibly in the international effort to restore peace in the shortest possible time, and preventing the harmful effects of the conflict from affecting us in a significant way.

Thus, although Ukraine is located very far from our territory, the conflict that has begun in those latitudes cannot be indifferent to us and we must be attentive to its development, above all to prevent its harmful effects from affecting us.


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