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13 Feb 2022 22:36 GMT

The North Korean Foreign Ministry stressed that “the more desperately the US and NATO cling to the anti-Russian confrontation, the stronger the counterpart they invite to Russia, since it is determined to fight to defend its security and interests.”

The North Korean Foreign Ministry has called “wild rumorsWashington’s claims that Moscow is preparing an ‘invasion’ of Ukraine.

“The US is spreading the wild rumor of Russia’s ‘invasion of Ukraine’ and is rushing to send thousands of military forces to parts of Eastern Europe,” declared this Sunday the North Korean Foreign Ministry in a statement. He pointed out that the true intention of the North American country is “step by step to aggravate the military tension around Ukraine and find an excuse to justify their stockpiling of weapons designed to contain Russia by force”.

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According to the Ministry, Washington “is gradually escalating its military threat” against Moscow by “deploying its anti-missile defense systems in Eastern Europe and projecting NATO military forces into forward-looking areas near the Russian border”, while continuing after the collapse of the Soviet Union with the expansion of the Alliance Atlantic to the east.

In addition, he described NATO as a “product of the cold war” and added that it is “a military organization driven by aggression and domination, and the purpose of its continued existence and expansion lies indisputably in containing and suppressing Russia militarily.”

“The more desperately the United States and NATO cling to the anti-Russian confrontation, losing themselves in an anachronistic illusion, the stronger will be the counterpart that they invite to Russiasince it is determined to fight to defend its security and its interests,” concluded the Ministry of the Asian country.

  • Claims about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine have been intensifying in the West since last November, when several media outlets aired alleged plans to carry out such an operation. For its part, Moscow rejects these accusations and assures that the Atlantic Alliance is militarizing its neighbor
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin told his US counterpart on Saturday that Moscow does not understand why the US provides the media with deliberately false information on the alleged Russian plans to ‘invade’ Ukraine, said presidential adviser Yuri Ushakov
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday that “a coordinated media attack” is being carried out against Moscow to “undermine and discredit Russia’s just demands for security guarantees, as well as to justify Western geopolitical aspirations and the military development of the Ukrainian territory”


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