The dictation of Comprehensive Sexual Education is inappropriate

The announcement that during the current school year, Law 26,150 on Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI) will be effectively implemented throughout the country, which requires teaching in schools such topics as homosexuality, transgender, contraceptive methods and self-knowledge of the body, has generated a great commotion since the opposing positions persist around this norm that is controversial for a large part of society.

The sanction of the ESI dates back more than 15 years, that is, since 2006, but until now it has not been possible to implement it due to various inconveniences, among them the strong rejection of the parents who during all this time have been systematically opposing this teaching that they consider inconvenient due to the contents and the way in which they are expected to be offered.

The decision that this year be the beginning of the dictation of the ESI is an inopportune measure that does not take into account the difficulties that education is currently going through and the situation in which the country finds itself with a series of basic issues that are not find a solution for them. It is intended, in the midst of a convulsive panorama, to introduce a topic that until now has been resisted by broad sectors of the community and that could be postponed until better social conditions are achieved or a greater consensus is reached after some reforms that have been proposed. .

In a country where drug traffickers are advancing in their objectives, where unemployment is increasing and addictions are increasing exponentially, it is absurd to think of implementing Comprehensive Sex Education, which requires a slow and careful process to avoid falling into interpretations erroneous that do not lead to any path, except for the teaching of such a delicate subject.

The decision of the provinces, through their Ministries of Education, to adhere to the national proposal to implement ESI this year is an attitude that has not taken into account the voices of their respective communities, which on more than one occasion they have expressed against it because they consider that this teaching does not contribute to an education based on genuine values ​​that must be consolidated so that children and young people do not obtain an erroneous vision of reality.

You can’t dwell on something that many people have questioned without trying to improve or modify it to fit what the majority considers to be appropriate or correct. Teaching sex education is not the problem but the way it is done and the methods and objects that are used as teaching material applied to this subject.


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