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The electoral campaign in Castilla y León It heads its final stretch after the second and decisive three-way debate televised by the private regional network, CyLTV. The PSOE (Luis Tudanca), PP (Alfonso Fernández Mañueco) and Ciudadanos (Francisco Igea) candidates met again after intense days in which the campaign has changed when knowing the tendencies of intention to vote that distance the PP from the absolute majority to which those of manueco two weeks ago.

The current president and favorite to win at the polls personally assumed all the pressure of the result, thus discharging any responsibility of the PP’s national leadership for the early election: “Here the one who plays it is me, not Pablo Casado“. Tudanca, more incisive than in the first duel, repeated his strategy of filling his speeches with proposals, while Igea insisted on accusing the president of disloyalty and claimed Cs’ management of these two years of government as an asset to promote his comeback in the polls.

The red wall of Castilla y León: where giving a single vote to the PP is a disgrace

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Vox, omnipresent in the debate

It was a three-way debate in which, however, Vox was also present. The match of Santiago Abascal He was constantly cited during a large part of the thematic blocks by the candidates of Ciudadanos and PSOE. The polls agree that the PP will only be able to govern with the support of those of Santiago Abascal, who would be placed as the third political force, and that possible right-wing pact has focused the Igea and Tudanca attacks on Mañueco. The first to quote Vox was the Ciudadanos candidate, who spoke of “agreeing with the extremes” in his first speech. From there, the references have been constant in almost all the themes. The social services block was used by Igea and Tudanca to ask Mañueco if he would be willing to give in in the fight against gender violence in a pact with Vox. It was the only time that the popular candidate has responded to those of Abascal, assuring that “we will not take any step back in the fight against gender violence. We were the first autonomous community to pass a law against gender violence”.

Because the rest of the time Alfonso Fernández Mañueco He refused any reference to Vox, even in the section on post-electoral agreements. The popular candidate did not once say the name of Santiago Abascal’s party and repeated that he is looking for a sufficient majority to govern alone. The Ciudadanos candidate reminded him of the words of this Tuesday of Isabel Diaz Ayuso in Valladolid that opened the door to that pact with Vox and asked Mañueco directly his intentions, without finding an answer. Igea assured that in no case will he agree with the extremes (Podemos and Vox) and reiterated that any agreement with the PP would require Alfonso Fernández Mañueco to be removed due to his “disloyalty and lies”. For his part, Luis Tudanca showed his willingness to “negotiate until exhaustion” with everyone who wants change except Vox, and called on his supporters to help him repeat the 2019 electoral victory.

Mañueco abandons Sánchez

Another of the great differences between this debate and last week’s is the strategy of the popular candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. On this occasion, and according to the turn of his campaign in recent days, he abandoned the constant references to Pedro Sánchez to focus more on his proposals for Castilla y León. In the first two blocks, he had not even named the Prime Minister, so even the socialist candidate has highlighted the change: “I am glad that this time has abandoned Pedro Sánchez and let’s talk about Castilla y León”, said Luis Tudanca.

Only during the economic bloc did Mañueco recover its strategy of being a wall against sanchismo, criticizing its fiscal policy and insisting that Castilla y León is being harmed in the distribution of European funds. An accusation that Luis Tudanca denied by showing a graph that showed that the community is the fifth in receiving European funds. The popular candidate got off the hook with a promise, “the lowest tax of history”, which will mean for the region “a saving of 2,000 million euros during the next legislature”.

Igea defends its health reform

The Ciudadanos candidate and former president of the Board, Francisco Igea, focused the shot on a constant reiteration of what his party had done in the two and a half years of the coalition government. “You come to make promises and I come to talk about what has been done”, was one of his most repeated phrases to demonstrate the usefulness of his party in the face of the PSOE’s accusations of have extended more than 30 years that leads the PP to the head of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Igea threw the rest when talking about health. He stressed that the health reform that caused the coalition government’s first major crisis is a “thought-out and sensible” proposal and came out in defense of the former Minister of Health Verónica Casado, whom Mañueco accused of governing with “occurrences”. PSOE and PP once again joined forces against this reform of primary care that Ciudadanos wanted. For Luis Tudanca, it is essential keep all clinics open, and Mañueco announced that he will protect health care in rural areas by law. Igea replied that “they know that they are promising the impossible” because they assure that with the number of health professionals in Castilla y León, not all the community clinics can be kept open.

Photo: Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.  (EFE/Almudena Alvarez) Opinion

This second debate evidenced the tension that exists in the three parties before a scenario open and unexpected these elections next Sunday in Castilla y León. Following the electoral law, only candidates from formations with parliamentary representation participated, so the new territorial candidates and the parties that formed the mixed group in the Autonomous Courts were left out (We can, UPL, Por Ávila and Vox). This time they were all in person after last week’s debate on RTVE the Ciudadanos candidate had to intervene by videoconference from his home after testing positive for covid.


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