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With his change of course in the vaccination requirement for nurses, Markus Söder has one for one corona-A bang provided – while Germany continued on the apex of omicron– Wave is waiting. On Wednesday, the Robert Koch Institute reported a new record number of new infections.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach continues to advocate general vaccination from the age of 18 – and finds clear words for the unvaccinated.


Corona in Germany (as of February 9th):

  • 7-day incidence: 1450.8
  • New corona cases: 234,250
  • Total corona deaths: 119,215
  • Proportion of people with at least one vaccination: 76%
  • Proportion of people with booster vaccination: 54.7%


Corona in Germany: the peak of the omicron wave has not yet been reached

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February 9, 2022

5:26 p.m .: Lauterbach promises “super summer”

Optimistic words from Karl Lauterbach in an interview with “”.

“We will be able to break the omicron wave in the next few weeks and then there will be a lot of freedom back,” said the SPD Minister of Health. “It’s going to be a great summer. What comes in the fall depends largely on whether we can enforce compulsory vaccination for the unvaccinated. If we don’t succeed, there will be big problems again in the autumn”.

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Lauterbach continues to advocate general vaccination requirements from the age of 18, but emphasizes: “If we take on this debate now – in politics and in society – then I would also like the vaccination requirement to work afterwards.”

“We know how omicron spreads. We know how bad the delta wave was. We know that there are reservations about vaccination. We didn’t know a lot of that,” says Lauterbach. “The three vaccinations for basic immunization are sufficient to fulfill the vaccination requirement. Anyone who nevertheless becomes infected does not have to expect a severe course. If you get vaccinated again to be on the safe side or even annually, you can do that too”.

Lauterbach still has little understanding for a decision against vaccination. “It annoys me that the small group of non-vaccinators has such a big impact on how we live at the moment,” says the health minister. He finds the self-righteousness with which opponents of vaccination defend their position “pretty amazing.”

5 p.m .: Completely new Covid 19 variant appeared in New York – virologist: “Unique constellation”

A new coronavirus mutation has apparently been found in seven samples from the wastewater from New York (USA). Researchers at the City University of New York discovered the variant, which has not been found in this structure anywhere else in the world, reports the “Tagesschau”.

Virologist John Dennehy is concerned: “During sequencing, we were able to identify the Covid variants that are currently occupying New York. But beyond that, we have encountered virus fragments that display a unique constellation of mutations. This structure that we found in this New York variant has not been seen anywhere else in the world.” According to microbiologist Monica Trujillo, this variant needs to be monitored and vigilant.

So far, this mutation has not been detected in any infected person. It is therefore also possible that these viruses could have come from animals that live in New York, such as rats, cats or dogs.

7.55 a.m .: Prime Minister Söder triggers a storm of indignation – Professor: “Practically no longer a rule of law”

Prime Minister Markus Söder triggered a storm of indignation with the announcement that the institution-related compulsory vaccination for health and nursing staff in Bavaria would be suspended and thus put on hold. The former CDU leader and candidate for chancellor, Armin Laschet, also distances himself from Söder.

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Laschet on the TV station “Welt”: “I don’t quite understand this strategy. Bavaria also urgently demanded in January that compulsory vaccination should be introduced in special facilities. Now it’s February and now they don’t want to implement it. ”A federal state simply cannot implement a law, according to Laschet.

Several constitutional lawyers share this position. “Such action would be unconstitutional,” said Joachim Wieland, professor of public law at the German University for Administrative Sciences Speyer, the “world”. Wieland goes even further: “If the federal states, depending on their political assessment, did not implement federal laws, we would practically no longer have the rule of law.”

Constitutional law expert Christoph Degenhart also considers it “constitutionally problematic” when a country so clearly contravenes the intention of a federal law. “This contradicts the principle of federal loyalty.”

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Criticism of Söder also comes from the German professional association for nursing professions. Association President Christel Bienstein told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany: “Care is not a toy of politics and bureaucracy.” It needs “national, clear and well-founded regulations,” said Bienstein. She also advocates facility-related and general vaccination requirements “to protect people in need of care and to pave the way out of the pandemic”.

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also underlined his criticism of Söder’s approach on Tuesday. “This sends the completely wrong signal that the protests by opponents of vaccination and lateral thinkers are more important than protecting the elderly,” said Lauterbach. The withdrawal from the CSU boss “dismayed” him.

He also assumes that Bavaria will also implement compulsory vaccination for nursing and hospital staff. But there is no “mechanism” to force Prime Minister Söder to do so. “I hope we can also work here with normal reason,” said Lauterbach on Tuesday evening in the ZDF “heute-journal”.

Different signals are coming from the federal states. The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) advocates suspending the facility-related corona vaccination nationwide. He called on the federal government to clarify how to deal with nursing staff who are unwilling to be vaccinated.

In the ARD “Tagesthemen” on Tuesday evening, Hans warned of major differences in implementation in the individual federal states, some of which were planning generous transitional periods. This could lead to an “irresponsible shunting station” of unvaccinated nurses who might then work in other countries.

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Several other countries have meanwhile announced that they will implement the law differently than Bavaria. The head of government of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer (SPD), accused Söder and other top politicians in the Union on Tuesday in Mainz of “unilaterally” and “single-handedly” repealing the law that had been passed, thereby fueling “uncertainty”.

She never experienced much solidarity from CSU boss Söder, said Dreyer. “What we experienced yesterday knocks the bottom out of the barrel.” The statements from the Union are irresponsible, ruthless and characterized by partisan tactics. “That’s harmful in a pandemic, that makes politics absolutely unbelievable.”

Schleswig-Holstein’s head of government, Daniel Günther (CDU), also announced that his country would implement compulsory vaccination as planned on March 15. “It’s a federal law, we’ll stick to it,” Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) also clarified.

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North Rhine-Westphalia will implement the corona vaccination requirement for nursing and hospital staff despite concerns about its practical suitability. The law had been passed and will be implemented accordingly, said NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. The meaning of the law is understandable, but the implementation is difficult.’


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