Wagenknecht zum Ukraine-Konflikt: Der Profiteur ist Washington

4 Feb 2022 11:57 am

In her video of the week, left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht deals with the Ukraine conflict. It’s about the “hypocrisy of the USA, the stupidity of the Europeans and the lack of backbone of the German government in Russia policy”.

The politician Sahra Wagenknecht remembers in her newsreel with the title “Does Putin want war? – The background of the Ukraine conflict” to a speech given in German by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Bundestag in 2001. At that time both sides looked positively to the future. Putin made it clear that the Cold War was over. The talk was of diplomacy, economic and cultural exchange and disarmament. Now, however, we find ourselves in a “fire-dangerous situation”:

“The escalation of the Ukraine conflict is extremely dangerous. The consequences of a war in the middle of Europe, in which the nuclear power Russia would be directly involved and NATO at least indirectly, can hardly be imagined. They affect and threaten us all.”

Wagenknecht presents the viewer with the cover of an issue of “Der Spiegel”. The cover follows the imagery rule that heroes appear on the left of the screen and the antagonist enters the screen on the right. So does Putin, the “bad guy”. Dressed in a winter coat with a fur hood, he wears a military one underneath boat cap, which was part of the uniform in the Red Army. Putin looks like a gray-skinned bust, eyes narrowed, enthroned over a battlefield at sea.

To protect against sanctions: Kremlin develops action plan if Russia is decoupled from the US dollar

Wagenknecht accuses the Western press of painting the “picture of an irresponsible, megalomaniac Russian president who, out of sheer insanity, has now massed thousands of soldiers on the Ukrainian border and, if borders are not set for him, could possibly take over larger parts of Ukrainian territory , or maybe even militarily incorporated the whole country.”

At the time of German reunification, everyone agreed that the war was over and that NATO would not be expanded.

Wagenknecht asks who is actually responsible for the situation?:

“The Russian president, who is said to be unscrupulous about war? Or not the United States and NATO, who have consistently ignored Russian security interests for years and are counting on expanding their own sphere of influence, confrontation and armament? And who is actually the laughing third party when the EU decides further sanctions against Russia and the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 is buried?”

Gas supplies are getting scarce: the approval of Nord Stream 2 is still dragging onGas supplies are getting scarce: the approval of Nord Stream 2 is still dragging on

The left-wing politician expressly warns of any armament in Ukraine. This further escalates the conflict. The Ukrainian population is certainly not the beneficiary of the conflict. The Europeans are “stupid that they keep shooting themselves in the foot with sanctions”:

“The US is clamoring for these sanctions and their companies are filling the gap.”

Washington appears to have succeeded this time as well. Because suddenly the head of the Greens, Robert Habeck, is in favor of expanding the liquid gas terminal so that the USA can sell its expensive and environmentally harmful liquid gas to us when the Nord Stream 2 gas tap is finally turned off, explains Wagenknecht.

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