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“There were two. They consumed an hour. Then they got into the very old truck, they began to feel bad and then they went to the hospital. One arrived dead. The other is in intensive care with a respirator.”. “He consumed last night, he went to sleep and today he woke up dead”. “At this time this Wednesday afternoon, we are receiving people who arrive almost dead at the guard.” “There are some who felt bad, they stayed at home and are dying in their homes.” The stories differ from each other, but the truth is that at the end of this note the dramatic statistics recorded 20 deaths and 74 hospitalized, in a cocaine intoxication with another substance that has no history in the country. In the evening, provincial sources revealed that “There are dead on public roads and we don’t know how many there are,” that is to say the macabre balance will take time to be known.

Epidemiological alert for adulterated cocaine

The drama climbed another step when at the end of the afternoon the Buenos Aires Government launched an urgent epidemiological alert to consumers. The Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, had already gone out to the media to warn all those who had bought cocaine in transparent or pink envelopes. He warned them that for no reason should they consume the contents of those envelopes because their lives were in danger.

But from La Plata an even more far-reaching alert was spread because cases appeared in Three of February, San Martín, Hurlingham, Morón, Ituzaingó, Tigre, General Rodríguez and Moreno. Those who consumed and who had symptoms of respiratory problems, excitement or drowsiness were warned to go immediately to a health facility.

The priority now is to save lives and we cannot stigmatize any consumer”, they said from the provincial capital. Among the relatives of the victims there were those who raised their voices in protest: “we demand assistance for our children. No one helps us get them off drugs. There’s no treatment we can get to”, synthesized the mother of a boy boarding school in Hurlingham.

What did they cut it with?

It is clear that the deadly powder was incorporated into the drug in what they call “the cut”, that is, the mixture of cocaine with a substance that serves to “to stretch” the drugthat is, add more quantity and be able to sell more “little pieces of paper”which is what the drug envelopes are called. Each piece of paper is sold at about 500 pesosbut it is not clear how much the envelopes that produced the tragedy were sold for.

It seems obvious that a dealer he does not intend to kill his client who is his source of “profit”. Therefore, they are shuffled three hypotheses:

  • The firstis that there was inexperience in the cut, that is, without the intention of killing, the drug was stretched with a substance equivalent to a poison.
  • The second, is that a gang “snuck” the poisoned drug into them, perhaps selling it to them at a lower price. But the objective was to produce a disaster to displace the current dealers in the area and replace them with the “soldiers” themselves.
  • The third hypothesis It is the most dangerous and points to a larger fight, between drug traffickers who distribute cocaine using many dealers. This does not seem to be the case because nobody believes that there are drug traffickers who have such a territorial deployment that goes from the municipalities of Camino del Buen Ayre to General Rodríguez. However, it is an alternative that is not ruled out for now.

Gate 8, the place investigated

The alarm sounded mid-morning this Wednesday when victims began to arrive at hospitals in three municipalities, Tres de Febrero, San Martín and Hurlingham. The relatives of the victims pointed to a settlement, gate 8, as the place where the drug that caused the deaths was bought. The raids began in that humble neighborhood and continued in other similar ones, almost all on the sides of the Camino del Buen Ayre.

Nearby is the Ceamse and a good part of the deceased are dedicated to the purchase and sale of metals and other elements that are rescued from waste. At nightfall, trucks arrive from many places in the west and north of Greater Buenos Aires and containers are also dumped. In those moments, a large number of people move and then return to their districts, that is to say that if they bought “little pieces of paper” there, in the so-called “Ceamse Corridor”, it is not unreasonable that victims appear in municipalities that are a considerable distance away.

Raid and kidnapping of 400 pieces of paper

Prosecutor Germán Martínez and Attorney General Marcelo Lapargo, both from San Martin, immediately launched the raids essentially to prevent them from continuing to sell in that bunker at Puerta 8. In total, 400 slips of paper were seized, a high amount that indicates that many other doses were sold. “We raided this place on December 18, but it is seen that they returned to sell the same as before,” Berni stated.

“We presume that there were two different moves with the same origin -he told Page 12 a research source. The neighborhood was quiet during the national team match, but we are told that when it ended, there were quite a few shoppers. Before that, someone may have sold near the Ceamse. Usually the addict lies, but we don’t see them lying in this case because they understand the danger. And what they tell us is that they bought there.”

Those in charge of the file believe that the drug was not cut in the raided bunker, but in another place very close, within the same neighborhood. Likewise, none of this is certain or proven.

In parallel, many families of those detained in the raids complained on Route 8 pointing out that the Buenos Aires “took minors who had nothing to do with it. They grabbed anyone, like they always do. That is what explains that they raided a month ago and now they returned to the same place.”

What substance causes the deaths?

At the close of this note, the substance that was causing the deaths remained unknown. “Unfortunately, we have many samples. Contributed by the relatives of the victims and also that we find in the deceased themselves. We have several theories about what it could be, but we prefer to wait for the analysis of the La Plata chromatograph. The samples were sent there,” they explained to the prosecution.

The chromatograph is an apparatus that separates chemical elements and performs a comparison scan against a library of possible components. In this way, it will be established which element is the one that caused the deaths.. The professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Carlos Damin, mentioned that sometimes the drug is “stretched” with stolen medications, which are usually harmless: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen. But there are also the dealers who seek a greater effect on the addict and mix with some hallucinogen, according to Minister Berni. The logic is that the component is known this Thursday: it is a key piece of information to see the treatments and also to analyze the origin and who could provide it. As everything develops in the most vulnerable strip, it is difficult that it is some sophisticated substance.

Deaths in homes and on public roads

The magnitude of the catastrophe is difficult to measure. There are people who, because they are addicts, are reluctant to approach a health service. That is why they stayed at home and, as official sources from La Plata pointed out, “They lost their lives in their homes or on public roads. And for now we don’t know how many there are “. So it is a tragedy in progress and in which it is difficult to predict the final balance. Even less so if this authentic massacre will go unpunished or the real culprits will be found.


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