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Why are there always holes in the belly of my shirts?

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How do these darn little holes on the stomach get into our shirts? Here you can find out what you can do to prevent common pitting on the waistband.

Holes on the stomach – how do the little beasts get into our shirts?

We’re always annoyed about this: another small hole in our favorite shirt. Namely, these nasty little things are always popping up around our stomachs. But why only? Are moths to blame? Zippers or belt buckles? The fashion industry that processes lousy cotton and only produces shirts that are suitable for the season, expecting that after a few months the clothes will be disposed of anyway? All together quite annoying.

Holes in shirt? You can do that about it

  1. Wear trousers without buttons. Because they seem to be to blame for the misery. Hmm, a life in leggings and sweatpants sounds tempting on the one hand, but on the other hand this strategy doesn’t always work well. The new jogging pants suitable for the office are at least a little accommodating.
  2. Follow the fashion – because it screams “Crop Top!” This refers to shirts that are so short that they only touch the waistband with their hem.
  3. No problem for which there would be no invention: namely the Lickety Klip. A plastic clip that you can slide over the button of your pants, preventing friction between the metal and the shirt. Good idea, but visually takes some getting used to. However, it also prevents the upper corner of the front waistband from sticking out and showing under our t-shirt.

When the holes come from washing

Yes, our washing machine also contributes to the hole problem in thin cotton shirts. How can we protect our shirts when washing?

  1. Place sensitive textiles in a laundry bag and only then put them in the laundry drum.
  2. Always close zippers on pants or jackets and Velcro fasteners BEFORE washing.

If the hole is already there…

… darning is a solution. Even if we no longer deal with needles, threads and darning mushrooms on a daily basis, those who don’t sew can do it too. And like this:

  • Before sewing, first wash and iron the laundry so that we can clearly see the hole.
  • With a fine needle and a thread that matches the fabric and color in the stitches around the hole – we start on one side and pierce the needle from below and come down on the other side of the hole.
  • The hole is always closed from the left.
  • When the small hole is tightened evenly (don’t pull the thread too hard or the fabric will pull together too much around the hole), sew up the thread with a few stitches.
  • If you have two left hands or no sewing kit, you can also use iron-on patches – if they match the item of clothing…


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