The 9 Netflix series that will help you improve your English

Unlike reading a book in English, listening to native people using their mother tongue in a movie or series not only helps us learn vocabulary if we use subtitles, we will also learn pronunciation while following interesting plots, we will improve our capacity for observation and active listening.

The basic advice to improve your level in this way? See them without subtitles and, in any case, with these in English, never in Spanish (unless your level is very basic, then yes).

Therefore, if you want to learn English, we have prepared a report with some Netflix series that will help you improve your hearing and pronunciation.

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The list of series that you will see in the following paragraphs is created from least to greatest difficulty, trying to get you started with American comedies, where the accent is less dense for beginners, and will end with British dramas for the more experienced.

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The Big Bang Theory

this series it is ideal to acquire colloquial language and American cultural references. In addition, the dialogues deal with everyday experiences, so we will learn a more informal English (the one used in everyday life). Here you have it available if you want to see it.

It’s about the everyday adventures of 4 young scientists (Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard) and their neighbor Penny, who share a flat in Pasadena, California.

Each episode is quite short (20-25 minutes), which means that no matter how busy you are, you can have a fun time, relax and learn English at the same time. Also, being so short makes viewing them quite easy.

We can add that by having characters from different cultural backgrounds, we will hear different english accents, which is quite an interesting addition. Because the theme sometimes focuses on scientific aspects, we can find certain more complex words. But nevertheless, the general message of the characters in very affordable.

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We are facing one of the most recognized American series. It is a television comedy that was on the air until 2004 and has recently had a small reunion with its main characters.

The series tells us the story of a group of young people (Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey) who live in New York and as time goes by they get to know each other, establishing very friendly relationships. narrow.

We recommend this series because the plots are not complex and the dialogues are usually slow but at a good pace. We find everyday situations, colloquial and not so colloquial language, which forces us to pay attention so as not to get lost.

Although the humor of the series is often centered around puns, you can understand the plot and have fun while watching it. If you are one of his followers, seeing it in the original version will help you assimilate turns and expressions. Do not miss it, here we leave you the link to Netflix.

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Stranger Things

We find ourselves with one of the great successes of the platform. A supernatural horror comedy set in the 80s, in which a mysterious girl enters the lives of a group of friends in a small town in the United States. Then several chilling events take place in the group, making this series the great hit that it continues to be.

If you don’t know 80’s English slang, this can be a good introductory lesson. In addition, a language that comes from children, interacting with each other, guarantees us a language that is not too complex and quite fun.

It is recommended if you have an intermediate level and want to improve pronunciation or vocabulary. Enjoy it here.

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Black Mirror

This British-produced sci-fi series has received many international awards and is perfect for learners of British English. Each episode tells a separate story and revolves around how new technologies affect our lives, sometimes bringing out the worst in us.

For this reason, we are going to find the most varied situations, with the most diverse accents and vocabulary. Here, unlike the two initial comedies, would be intended for an intermediate audience, whose level of English goes a little beyond the colloquial and everyday. Don’t miss any episode, you can watch it here.

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House of Cards

If you like politics, House of Cards may be your series. It is a political drama realistically depicts the world of the upper echelons of politics. It covers themes such as greed, corruption, insatiable ambition and the behind-the-scenes games of Washington politicians.

The series follows the character of Frank Underwood, an ambitious Democratic politician who, with the help of his wife Claire, seeks revenge on the current president in order to finally reach the Oval Office.

The language is a mix between simple everyday speech and more complex political jargon, so it will be essential to have some previous level in English in order to fully understand it. Although the plot and the situations in which the characters find themselves are fictional, the series offers many examples of the use of political language. Enjoy it at this link.

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It is a science fiction series that tells the story of eight strangers from different parts of the world (Africa, America, Korea, Germany, Finland…) who, after experiencing the tragic death of a woman in their visions and dreams, meet mentally connected.

This series is ideal for your ear to get used to different accents of English. The plot is a bit complex and the actions unfold a bit quickly at times, so we recommend this series rather for the upper intermediate and advanced level. You can see it here.

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This highly topical series is often comparada con Breaking Bad. We will discover how a father of a family, who clandestinely dedicates himself to laundering money for dangerous drug traffickers, will force his loved ones to flee in search of a solution to pay back millions of dollars that he owes to people who are not very friendly.

If the British accent of cities like Manchester can be quite difficult to understand if you have an intermediate level of English, we find its American version from its most rural areas. And it is that this is the type that we are going to find in Ozark.

For this we recommend that you first experiment with the previous series and then you enter this one, because its aesthetics, characters and history is not for less. Here we leave it for you.

The Crown

The Crown is a historical British series that tells us about the life of Queen Elizabeth II when she was young and had just married. It narrates its political rivalries and romances, as well as the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century. Enjoy it through the following link.

The accents are obviously British, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about standard British English. The setting of the series is more formal and the language less common than the rest, so makes it one of the most complex but most complete.

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Peaky Blinders

Another of the great British series that we find on this platform is Peaky Blinders. This work will allow you to discover a part of the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century, and you will travel through the not at all boring life of one of the best-known families in Birmingham, half gypsies and half English, who will use all the resources at their disposal to manage to climb in the society of the time.

We found a English quite complicated but very funny, where the British accent, how could it be otherwise, is the great protagonist.

Without a doubt, it becomes one of the most complicated series that requires a more advanced level of understanding. Do not miss any episode, you have it available at this link.

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