Russia demanded written responses from the United States to security proposals

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, in an interview with Izvestia, said that Moscow demanded written answers from the United States on each item of the draft security guarantees. She emphasized Russia’s openness and cooperation in its actions, while Washington conducts aggressive rhetoric and uses Ukraine as an instrument of influence for its own purposes.

Waiting for written guarantees

Zakharova noted that Russia had submitted written proposals for security guarantees to Western partners, primarily the United States. Some time later, this project was officially published, after which rounds of negotiations and information coverage of Moscow’s position were held.

The representative of the Foreign Ministry added that an immediate reaction followed the desire of the United States to hold a clarifying meeting, the negotiations between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken took place at the initiative of Washington, despite the schedule and a lot of working moments.

We have been very open in our actions. Now we want only one thing – that we be answered in writing point by point on what we proposed, everything else later. We show absolute cooperation, we are waiting for written answers to each of the points

Maria Zakharovaofficial representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

In December 2021, Russia unveiled draft treaties with the United States and agreements with NATO on security assurances. Moscow, in particular, demands from its Western partners legal guarantees of refusing further eastward expansion of NATO, joining the Ukrainian bloc, and establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries.

In addition, the submitted documents spoke about the non-deployment of NATO strike weapons near the borders of Russia and the withdrawal of the alliance’s forces in Eastern Europe to the positions of 1997.

Earlier, the head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, said that Russia does not intend to endlessly wait for answers to its security proposals from the United States and NATO. The diplomat drew attention to the fact that Moscow expects to receive a response from Western countries as early as next week. If the US and NATO ignore Russia’s demands, then Moscow will defend its security in Europe by other methods, he stressed.

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US aggressive rhetoric

Zakharova also commented on the words that at a press conference following negotiations with Lavrov, Blinken began his speech very aggressively. The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that there is diplomacy for this, as a tool that allows dialogue in conditions where the parties do not want to perceive each other’s position.

Zakharova noted that American journalists were not aware that it was the American side that initiated the negotiations and offered Geneva as a place. In addition, materials about the meeting were published almost the night before in order to deliberately “take away, create a backdrop.”

One point that I think needs to be clearly understood. We say: aggressive, misinforming. Don’t you think after reading all the materials that they are simply stupid? I mean the materials themselves. But, accordingly, probably, the people who make them up

Maria Zakharovaofficial representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

As an example of the level of Western colleagues, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry cited the statement by British Foreign Minister Liz Truss that the Mongols and Tatars attacked Ukraine, Ukrainians experienced more than one invasion between the Mongol and Tatar ones.

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Ukraine as an instrument of influence

Zakharova noted that Ukraine is perceived by the West as an instrument of influence to promote their own interests, destabilize the region, therefore, it is mentioned in a place and out of place. In her opinion, the aggravation of the situation around the Ukrainian issue is a reason to maintain the “fire of sanctions”, while there are no facts proving Russian aggression or violations of international law.

The representative of the Foreign Ministry said that the collective West appeals to Ukraine when discussing global security, energy gas contracts, partnership with Germany in the energy sector, where both private business and the state are present.

Therefore, Ukraine is perceived as a tool and used. This does not only apply to one area, it is a tool – you know, as a universal opener, apparently, for them

Maria Zakharovaofficial representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

Earlier, Zakharova complained that on the eve of the Russian-American meeting in Geneva, the US State Department published another propaganda bulletin about Russian policy “in the Ukrainian direction.” According to her, the State Department material was formulated “on the basis of individual stories taken out of context.” At the same time, “approaches that have nothing to do with reality” were attributed to Moscow.

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