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Michel Drucker was the portrait of the week on the show Sept à Huit this Sunday, January 23. Faced with Audrey Crespo-Mara, he mentioned an important question that he asked his doctor.

He wanted to know. In September 2020, Michel Drucker had been forced to postpone his return to television, for the sake of his health. Indeed, the presenter had been hospitalized in order to undergo a heart operation, within a Parisian establishment. The objective of this operation was to unclog the coronary arteries, which have the role of vascularizing the heart muscle, in order to prevent any heart attack, explained the Parisian. This Sunday, January 23, he was the portrait of the week on the show seven to eight. Facing Audrey Crespo-Mara, he spoke about his health problems and in particular a very important question he asked his doctors. “I asked the cardiologist and the surgeon how this could have happened to me“, he first explained. “We don’t know everything about medicine. I think it’s stress. I have been doing this job for almost 60 years and I already had this stress when I was a kid. The stress of the dunce“, he had fun. Subsequently, the host assured: “Our job is stressful. The difficulty is to hide it. When you see me on television, you don’t get the impression that I’m a stressed person and that I’m very, very worried. It’s a family heirloom.” he concluded.

A new life. If all goes well for Michel Drucker, he assures us that he did not think he would get there at the start. “It’s a small miracle“, he claimed. The reason? “I believed, at some point, that I would not go to the end of this journey and that I would end with sequels“, he confided. Today, the facilitator takes care of him and he is very careful. “I do 1 hour of sport a day, that’s 7 a week. I had lost between 12 and 14 kilos, which is a lot and I really regained everything”, he continues before evoking a radical change of life. “I’m at home a lot, I finally discovered telecommuting too“, he had fun. While he said he was very stressed, Michel Drucker learned a lot from this misadventure which almost cost him his life. “I am much calmer than before. Above all, I understood that stress does considerable damage. I’m in a period where I’m getting rid of stress“, he explained before indicating: “When one almost crosses over, there is a period before and after. We no longer see life the same way. Now I tell myself that I stressed for nothing. I’m alive, the rest doesn’t matter.” concluded Michel Drucker. Shocking secrets.

Michel Drucker: why did he think he could not get out of it?

Michel Drucker underwent a very heavy operation and he had apprehensions concerning this one. “I had a problem, apart from cardiology, which was a brain problem. I was at risk of having a stroke during the operation.“, he revealed. “I had a lot of reasons to tell myself that I would have consequences. I stayed 10 hours on the operating table“, continued the host. A very complicated period for him. “The hardest part was being cut off from my family. I told myself that it was not serious, I was going to find all my friends. I thought of all those I received throughout my career, my friends, who left to join the invisibles”, he assured. Among these personalities, Michel Drucker mentioned: “Johnny, Aznavour, Claude François or Coluche. Everyone I knew well. I was thinking of going to join them“, he concluded.

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