Jungle camp 2022: Day 3 in the RTL jungle: Lucas Cordalis will no longer move up to the “jungle camp”.

It’s that time again: Eleven more or less well-known personalities are fighting for the “jungle crown” on RTL. On the third day in the camp there is a risk of a zigzag: Linda Nobat and Janina Youssefian have to go to the next jungle test together. Die Show im Live-Ticker.

  • The 6 candidates: Jasmin Herren (43, reality star), Linda Nobat (27, bachelor candidate), Tara Tabitha (28, reality star), Janina Youssefian (38, retired carpet worker), Tina Ruland (55, actress), Anouschka Renzi (57, actress)
  • The 5 candidates: Harald Glööckler (56, designer & style icon), Filip Pavlovic (27, Bachelorette candidate), Eric Stehfest (32, GZSZ star), Manuel Flickinger (33, Prince Charming candidate), Peter Althof (66, bodyguard Legend)

11:32 p.m.: Linda and Janina enter the house. This is not only inhabited by countless South African animals, as Dr. Bob had already prophesied, but is also filled to the roof with stinking garbage. Eleven stars are hidden in the chaos. In addition, a key must be found in the first room to unlock the second room. Janina finds him.

11:29 p.m.: dr Bob arrives. He gives further instructions. I’ll give you one more piece of advice, he concludes: “Some animals in the house are small, some are big. And sometimes animals fall from the attic onto the ground floor.”

11:26 p.m.: It goes on – although one wishes the opposite when looking into the “Traumahaus”. Linda and Janina have 15 minutes in the disgusting house to collect stars. Very important: You must not separate! Hopefully Janina understood that.

11:13 p.m.: Shortly after the apology, the situation between the two women escalates again. We will spare you the details here (as an exception) and summarize: Linda and Janina simply cannot find a common denominator. Before the two have to go to the “Trauma House of the Stars”, there is first advertising.

11:11 p.m.: Meanwhile, Linda and Janina speak out. Well, they try. “I didn’t like that you called me stupid. You don’t do that.” After a while, Linda admits slightly put on: “That’s right. You don’t do that. Please excuse me.”

11:09 p.m.: Filip doesn’t understand the world anymore: “For me, feet are more perverse than panties. So that means a man who has serious intentions with you has to accept that you’re doing ‘Only Fans’?” Tara: “Well, I don’t have to keep doing it when I’m in a relationship. But he has to accept that I did it once.” Filip: “Then it’s ok if you said so from the start!” Tara: “I do, and I just told you so!”

Tara used to have an “Only Fans” account just for her feet

11:08 p.m.: The Austrian even goes one step further: “I also sold high heels and worn socks. My worn high heels cost 200 euros, worn socks cost 50 euros and I have already sent toenails. But not worn panties! That’s perverse for me . Feet, I don’t give a damn.”

11:05 p.m.: Swing to camp. In keeping with the topic of “earning money in an inglorious way,” Tara confesses: “I used to have an ‘Only Fans’ account just for my feet.”

11:03 p.m.: Sonja and Daniel swing. “Boah Daniel, you wouldn’t believe what some people pay money for,” says the moderator after they briefly talked about Michael Wendler, former jungle “icon”, and his wife Laura.

10:58 p.m.: Glööckler and Janina are sitting by the campfire. The other participants are still asleep. “I don’t understand why you can’t just be friendly,” says Dieter Bohlen’s ex-affair. “There must be something going on in the brain cells.” Well, that’s exactly what Linda had just attested to her.

Linda thinks: “Janina is not the brightest”

10:50 p.m.: Linda also has a clear opinion about Janina, with whom she has to take the exam together. “Nothing with knowledge,” Linda wishes on the jungle phone. Janina, sitting next to her, asks why. “I just don’t want to screw it up,” Linda says. Janina: “You won’t!” Linda: “But maybe you!” Janina: “So you want to say that I’m a bit stupid!” Linda shakes her head: “No. But we haven’t talked in a way that I can now gauge your level of knowledge. What I’ve heard from you so far hasn’t been super great.”

ice age! Janina rushes off. Linda alone: ​​”I don’t want to say that she’s stupid, but she’s definitely not the brightest candle on the cake.” So, finally commercial break.

Tara develops feelings for Filip

10:48 p.m.: Linda has a clear opinion of Tara and Filip’s love situation and explains in the jungle phone: “I think Tara and Filip are really cute. I see it that something can develop there. It definitely has potential. As for Tara, there I definitely know she’s interested.”

10:45 p.m.: Tara shares her worries with Linda: “I want to go to an exam so that Filip will miss me for a day. He’s said a few times now that if he meets a woman, he knows it immediately. I have the feeling I don’t think that’s me with him. He doesn’t touch me that much either. He does put his hand on my thigh, but not that much.”

10:43 p.m.: Even if not the soul mate, Filip is the number one reference person for Tara in the jungle camp. The Austrian worries that she could develop feelings for Filip – more than he does.

10:39 p.m.: Candidate Tara, on the other hand, has not yet found her soul mate (or knight). She tries to talk to Filip – tears flow.

Contestant Eric is certain that he was a knight in his past life

10:34 p.m.: Eric now also feels compelled to do deep talk. Well, “deep” isn’t quite right. Rather absurd, but even that is an understatement. The GZSZ star describes himself as “spiritual”. He shares this quality with his wife. The two are sure that they met in 1311: “She was a witch then, I was a knight.” Aha.

10:31 p.m.: Now Peter, who is “bodyguard legend” according to RTL, talks about his son. He hasn’t had any contact with him for three years. Filip is shocked by this. This prompts him to launch an appeal on television. Addressing Peter’s son, Filip says into the camera: “If you see this now, please get in touch!”

10:28 p.m.: Peter isn’t sure if the Playboy model is doing herself a favour: “When she says the man must always be above her, I don’t think any man likes that!” There is nothing to add.

Linda wants a man who is better off financially than she is

10:24 p.m.: The 26-year-old continues: “I just think the traditional role model is better. I’m the one who has the children. I’m also willing to stay at home, put my career back, my husband when he comes from work, running a bath, giving him a massage, cooking something nice. I do have a special relationship image that you don’t see that often these days, but that doesn’t mean I’m not emancipated. Deciding how I’d like it does me into an emancipated woman.”

10:22 p.m.: The camp residents sit together. What does a man have to have to arouse Linda’s interest? “I know people are going to hate me now for saying this: It’s very important to me that my partner brings more financial stability to our relationship than I do,” she explains to a larger audience.

Lucas Cordalis will no longer move up to the “jungle camp”.

10:19 p.m.: The moderators make it clear: Lucas Cordalis is out! The singer had been infected with Corona and, contrary to previous hopes, will not move up.

10:15 p.m.: It starts! Even the preview promises a lot of drama. Would you like a taste? “I’m not saying she’s stupid, but she’s definitely not the brightest candle on the cake.”

Sunday, January 23, 10:08 p.m.: Well, finished watching the crime scene? Then let me tell you: The real horror (of a slightly different kind, mind you) only begins now. Day 3 of the jungle camp starts in a few minutes.

On the second day of the jungle, the participants provided spicy insights into private life. Jasmin Herren, for example, unpacked about her marriage to Willi and reported on domestic violence. Janina Yousseffian told how her affair with Dieter Bohlen came to light. Harald Glööckler was more open than ever: the fashion czar spoke of his “toxic” relationship and gave deep insights into his traumatizing childhood. Was anything else? Oh yes, Anouschka Renzi had to go to the “hardest jungle test – ever!” Read the show in the minute log.

00:34: That’s it for today from the jungle! Tomorrow at 10:15 p.m. it’s time again: Trash TV at its best with the 15th season “I’m a star – get me out of here!” The really hard ones are now watching the “Hour After”. The rest of us now go to bed slightly embarrassed and disturbed. Dear readers, it was again a pleasure.

12:30 a.m.: Maybe Janina was sent into the race by the spectators. Harald is out too. It decides between Janina and Linda. Plot twist: Both have to go to the next jungle exam.

00:28: Short and painless, Daniel screams, “Linda? It might be you.” Bodyguard Peter doesn’t have to be there, Tara, Tina and Filip are also spared.

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