If online doesn't work for you in Dark Souls games, it's for a good reason: your PC could be hijacked

It’s not often that cybercriminals can break into a computer through a game, but it’s happening right now.

In a few weeks, Elden Ring will be released, one of the most anticipated titles of recent decades. To quell the eagerness to play it, many gamers are replaying its predecessor, the mythical Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III is basically a single player RPG. But It also has online modes.

The alarm went off this weekend, when streamer The_Grim_Sleeper was playing live on Twitch, and suddenly the text chat he used to connect with viewers turned into voice chat.

Someone had entered his PC through the game, and had run a script that converts text to speech.

It is dark souls iii hack It seems that it only affects the PC version, not the console version.

It is speculated that the attacker just wanted to draw attention to Bandai Namco to fix the exploit, using it on streamers in a non-malicious way, because they draw more attention.

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But it is a very serious bug that allows you to execute code on another PC remotely, so any attacker could steal data, files, passwords, install spyware, or hijack the PC with ransomware.

Fortunately Bandai Namco has reacted quickly, and has closed the PvP servers (player versus player), not just Dark Souls III, but also from Dark Souls II and Dark Souls Remastered, For caution. Those of Dark Soul I will be closed shortly, according to the tweet:

Bandai Namco is going to investigate the problem, and will release the patch to fix it.

The Blue Sentinel anti-cheat tool has already released a patch of its own, so looks like the exploit is located, and Bandai should have no problem fixing it.

If you play any of the Dark Souls titles online, you may not be able to do so today, Sunday. But at least this time it’s for a good reason: better not to play 1 or 2 days, to have your PC hijacked…

Experts state that this vulnerability could also affect the future Elden Ring, which launches on February 25. Luckily it has been discovered a month before its release, so Bandai Namco will surely fix it in time.

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