Huelva of Thrones: how to promote your province by turning it into the Game of Thrones opening

The Ermita del Rocío rises in blocks as if it were King’s Landing, the Riotinto Mines serve as the Wall of the Night’s Watch and the three Columbus caravels rise above the sea like the Iron Islands. It is the province of Huelva, with many of its most recognizable monuments, turned into the opening of Game of Thrones, a video that has circulated in recent weeks on social networks for its successful adaptation of the title of the popular HBO series to the Andalusian region.

Behind this striking video there is no public body or tourism company, but Lourdes Delgado, a student of the Master of Motion Graphic and Creative Direction from the School of New Technologies who decided to pay homage to his land by turning it into the opening of Game of Thrones for his master’s thesis (TFM). A project that he never thought could become a viral phenomenon.

“I thought that an adaptation of the Game of Thrones header could be liked by many people, because it is a very popular series, but I never imagined that it would come to this,” explains Lourdes to Xataka, and points out that the video, barely a minute long, took him three months of intense work, spending about 8 hours a day. Because she took care of everything, with the exception of the music, from the modeling of everything that appears in the clip to the texturing of the objects, the recording and the editing.

To make the video have used Cinema 4D, a 3D graphic creation and animation software that allows modeling -that is, digitally reproducing real objects in three dimensions-, texturing and animating. Once he had the different parts of the video created and animated, he put them together and put the music in with Adobe Premier and added some effects with Adobe After Effects.

The creation process

The first step, after presenting the idea and having it approved by the master’s professors, was to plan the elements that would appear and the sequence of the video through a storyboard. Then he started with 3D modeling: For some monuments she found designs on the internet that she could use, but many did not exist and she had to make them herself.


“One of the things that has taken me the longest to do is the Tinto dock -the one that appears in the video being assembled only as the camera moves over it- because it had many pieces and a curved path. What’s more, i had to redo the model a couple of times, because when I had it almost finished I realized that I couldn’t animate it as I had planned. I was hoping I could do it in a way that I couldn’t; there my inexperience was seen a little”, he confesses.

As he was getting the different 3D models of the monuments, he was thinking about their map layout and terrain modeling, with the different landscapes that characterize the province of Huelva: from the coast bathed by the Atlantic to the mountains, passing through the Doñana National Park or the Riotinto Mines.

For each of the areas that make up the video -the city of Huelva, the coast, the county or the mountains- he created different projects in Cinema 4D so that the file does not weigh too much and then, when he decided where to put the cameras and shot the plans, he put the different parts together in Adobe Premier.

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“I have not been able to be as rigorous as I would have liked to put things right in their place, geographically speaking, because some of them did not fit me due to their size. I had to relocate them trying to be as faithful as possible to reality“, Explain. He has also not been able, he points out, to include in his video all the monuments and places of interest in the province of Huelva, due to lack of space and time, so he has decided to select those that he would include based on his personal tastes.

Once all the elements that make up the video had been created, they had to be put into motion. Some had to be moved by hand, but for others he used animation automation tools to speed up the work. And when everything moved as she wanted, Lourdes made the shots frame by frame, so that no detail escaped her, and when she completed the shots she passed them on to Premier to join them to the others and introduce the music.

For the music, Lourdes turned to some old classmates, who they had made a flamenco version of the original soundtrack of the opening on the occasion of the filming of some scenes of Game of Thrones in the Sevillian town of Osuna.

As final details, it should be noted that the animals that appear in the initial ring are typical of the province of Huelva, such as the Iberian pig, flamingos or shrimp, and members of the Lourdes family appear in the credits.

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“I knew that it was going to be shared among the people of Huelva, but I never imagined that it would have this impact,” explains the author of a video that went viral during the last days of 2021 and that has exceeded 200,000 total views in this time when adding the figures of the different platforms in which it has spread.

A repercussion that has earned it so that many professionals in the sector know it and have been interested in your work and his professional profile, although he points out that he has not yet had any firm job offer or to participate in a project.

“Many proposals are coming to me to set up a call and get to know me, especially on LinkedIn, but also on Twitter or Instagram. I didn’t expect this at all”, he confesses.

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