Amazon Style, Amazon's first physical clothing store

Amazon is going to test a new physical experience: clothing stores. But with a hybrid touch where you still need your mobile to choose products, try them on or pay.

It is a concept that we could call contra-metaverse, if it exists: convert online stores into real physical stores.

Amazon announces the opening of Amazon Style, his first physical clothing store. A hybrid experiment that works in coordination with the mobile.

According to the press release, this first Amazon Style clothing store will open its doors at The Americana, a Los Angeles shopping mall, later this year. In this video you can see how it works:

Apparently, Amazon Style It looks like a normal store. The difference is that the clothes have no label with information on sizes, fabrics, prices, etc. Just a QR code.

And we read the QR code with the mobile, we get all the data: sizes, colors, prices, etc.

In the event that we want to try something on, we select it on the mobile, as well as the size and color, and we wait for a store employee to take you to the dressing room.

This tester is assigned to our mobile, and It can only be opened with the digital key assigned to us.

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The clerk will not only have left the clothes in the changing room, but also alternative clothes that can go with that style, in case you want to compare. From a touch screen inside the fitting room, we can choose more garments or virtually combine the chosen ones, to see how they look, before trying them on.

The press release does not make it clear if we are facing an Amazon Go-type establishment, where we can take our clothes and leave without paying (it is automatically charged online).

In the video an employee is seen delivering the clothes in a bag, so perhaps it is a less advanced experience, where before receiving the garment you have to pay through your mobile.

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Amazon Style is connected to the Amazon online store, which has the same prices. When we scan a garment in the physical store we can add it to the Amazon wish list to buy it online later.

It is also possible to buy online, and request that the clothes be sent to the physical Amazon Style store, to try it on. If we don’t like how it looks, we can cancel the purchase directly at the physical store.

An interesting experiment that at the moment Amazon is going to test in Los Angeles. If it gives good results, surely it will open more stores in other parts of the country. Will we see it in Spain?

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